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In this modern era, the zombie-hunting genre is alive and well. Zombie is one of the most favorite genres of Fortnite Creative. For those who like to scare yourself in Fortnite, you have come to the right place. Check out our selection of the best Fortnite zombie maps designed in Creative mode by the community and the codes to access them.

The creative tool of Fortnite allows the community to imagine their own mini-games and make them available to everyone. Zombie maps are for those who want more thrill in their Fortnite Battle Royale. Here are some of the most favorite Fortnite zombie map codes:

1. Friend Rooftop Survival: 6927-1754-2283

Tons of gamers are getting their zombies filled by playing Days Gone this month, but you are able to recreate that tense action in this Fortnite Creative map created by mrhollywoord03. This one is a combat-focused space where players try to survive for as long as possible against a massive swarm of friends. As such, it is an exceptionally fun experience to enjoy with a squad of the skilled shooters. There is nothing extraordinary about the base concept, but it is till neat to see the fan-made PvE action take shape.

2. Whack A Zombie Arcade: 0266-6811-8054

In this arcade-style classic, there are some options for you to choose. You can either shoot the zombies or confuse them that shoot up from the chutes. Just as whack-a-mole, this one is not as easy as it sounds. Chasing the high scores of your friends if definitely going to be a tall order in this game. But that is where all the fun is.

3. Racoon City PD: 9201-6033-0988

Racoon City PD is really an amazing map to try out on Fortnite. There are lots of zombies and puzzles to keep you busy and scared at the same time, as you work your way around. This one is an excellent map to get you going. Please beware of the checkpoint that might be a little too much to bear.

4. Welcome to the 3-Level Zombie Escape: 4729-6682-9505

In the map created by Darkous, you start at level 0. You need to recover from the construction to be able to build a staircase and go to level 1. You must do the same thing until the last level. Beware the zombies destroy your constructions and if you fall short you will need to start the game again. In order to finish the map, you need to destroy the antenna that is on the roof of the last level. Keep in mind that the cooperative game is up to 4 players and 1 life per player. There is possible resuscitation, possible build, and some part of the field is destructible.

In order to access the Fortnite zombie maps, you need to go to Creative mode in Fortnite. then, get to a portal or a rift. Next, press E and enter the code. The last thing is to wait for the map to load and enter the portal.

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