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One of the fun things which can be got from playing in Creative mode is that we are able to enjoy different maps since there are various maps which are created by other players. So, you are able to choose to play in certain map that you want as long as you know the code of the map.

What map do you want to play now? Do you like everything related to Zombie. If so, you are able to play Zombie mode creative and there are some codes that you are able to use to visit Zombie maps in Fortnite Creative mode.

One of the Zombie map that you are able to find in Fortnite Creative mode is Nuketown Zombie. This map is created by Oberontv and the code is 0975-7667-0071. In this map, you need to kill 500 zombies to save the Nuketown. You are also able to collect your weapons in mystery boxes and survive chaos. Getting the different assets such as intensive care, fast running, boogie dance, and radios to attract zombies are also able to be done here. Are you curious with this map? You can enter the code above in the Fortnite Creative mode and enjoy the everything there.

Then, there is also Covert Courtyard Zombies map. This map is created by Ake and here there will be Survivors vs Zombies. You have to look for the 3 Medkits and escape on the plane. But, you need to be note that Ammo is limited. You are able to set teams prior to match in this game. If you are interested in playing in this map, the code for this map is 7743-2660-9084.

Some Youtubers in their channels resume about the best Zombie creative maps. And it can be a recommendation for you to play. According to KaidGames channel, there are top 10 best Zombie Creative maps that you are able to find and play in Fortnite. What are they? Here they are.

  • 7785-4974-3261
  • 4054-3465-4777
  • 2503-5245-9902
  • 6927-1754-2283
  • 6472-0025-1671
  • 3916-0263-0900
  • 3246-2773-6649
  • 9059-9897-8360
  • 6975-6523-1196
  • 3719-6103-2364

CreatNite channel also shared a video about best Fortnite Zombies Creative mode in his video entitled Best Fortnite Zombies Creative Mode Maps with Codes which was uploaded on April 3rd, 2019. Here are the best Fortnite Zombies Creative Mode maps based on CreatNite.

  • Zombie Bridge Escape

JackTheRipperJM is the creator of this map. The code for this map is 7241-4651-5303.

  • Nuketown Zombies

This map has been explained previously. The Creator of this map is Oberontv and the code for this map is 0975-7667-0071.

  • Fortnite Zombie Mode

This map is created by KituShinji. The code for this map is 8793-5895-6329.

  • Town Zombies

The creator of this map is BuscoOpelCorsa Gang. The code for this map is 6975-6523-1196.

Are you curious with these zombie maps? If you have never visited these maps and you are very curious with them, you are able to visit the map now by using the codes above. Which map will you try first? It is up to you.

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