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As we know that on Fortnite has four level zones in which in every zone has different challenges and missions. For every player should pass the beginning zone (easiest level) to end zone (hardest level). Of course, every player wants to pass the zone easily. For this case, you have to use the Fortnite zone tracker to evaluate the zones. Then, do you want to use the zone tracker?

On Fortnite, there are four zone difficulties or map locations that you can choose from Save The World. Definitely, each location ha outpost in which player can expand the expansion unlocking a new group of missions. Automatically, by completing all quests for outpost, you can really unlock the next location.

However, the mission may be looked on the map interface ranging in color from grey to red. You probably know that the red-shaded missions are the hardest zone. Here are the zone levels:

  • Stonewood: It is the beginning zone in which it has tutorial missions to complete. This zone is recommended for Power level of 1 – 19.
  • Plankerton: This is the second zone with medium level which is recommended for Power level of 15 – 46.
  • Canny Valley: It is the third zone with advanced level which is recommended for Power level of 40- 70.
  • Twine Peaks: This is the end zone with hardest level which is recommended for Power level of 76 – 100.

If you are looking for the information about Fortnite zone tracker on this page, definitely, we cannot share to you for detail. It means that the source of information about it is totally limited. So, in this chance, we will just share to you one of Fortnite tracker site that does not only focus on tracking Fortnite zone. The site also can be used to track the Fortnite skins, items, and battle pass.

The site name is Fortnite Tracker that you can access it at In this site, you are allowed to track the zone, skins, and also get challenge. On this site, you have to fill your Fortnite account on the available bar at Homepage. Then, you can choose what you want to do on this site.

Definitely, you can choose the available menus on the top of Homepage. The menus are:

  • Home: This is the main menu that you can use to track the Fortnite zone, items and others.
  • LPG: This menu can be used to look for the group based on platform, region, and voice chat. This also presents the tournament event.
  • Challenges: This presents the Fortnite tracker challenges that will track your stats. By following this challenge, you will get a chance to get rewards, v-bucks, and cash prized.
  • Events: This menu presents any events which will come. The events are Solo Hype Nite, Solo Challenger Hype Nite, Blue Testing Event and many more.
  • Leaderboards: This will show you the leaderboard on each devices either solo, squad, and duo.
  • Weapons: This menu shows any weapons on Fortnite. The weapons are pistol, pump shotgun, tactical shotgun, assault rifle, burst assault rifle, bolt-action sniper rifle, rocket launcher and grenade.
  • Creatives: This presents the Fortnite maps and island code.
  • Replays: This menu allows you to upload your Fortnite Replyas.
  • Support: This contains the contact and API.

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