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Do you like accessing Fortnite DB? If so, now you may want to look for some mission that you can do. By doing missions, you will be able to obtain rewards. But, how to find a mission in the FortniteDB site? It is very easy to do and here we will guide you to do it.

Mission Finder in FortniteDB

If you access the FortniteDB site and then you want to find a mission, you are able to do that by using Mission Finder on the website. How to access the Mission Finder in FortniteDB? The thing that you have to do is to access the Fortnite DB site. When you are on that site, then you will be able to see some menu at the top of the home page. Here, you have to click on Mission.

After you click on the Mission menu, then it will drop down some other things such as Zone Missions including Stonewood Missions, Plankerton Missions, Canny Valley Missions, Twine Peaks Missions and Ventures Missions. In the right side of Zone Missions, there are some tools including Mission Finder. You can click on it now.

After you click on the Mission menu

Another way that you are able to do to access Mission Finder is to click on the blue Mission Finder in the home page of the website. This button can be found under the search bar for searching Save The World Profiles. This blue Mission Finder stands there together with the Stonewood button, Plankerton button, Canny Valley button, Twine Peaks button and Ventures button. The Mission Finder button can be found at the right area of this line.

Mission Finder2

When you are in the Mission Finder, you are able to find some boxes that you are able to fill to find certain mission. The boxes include Rewards, Missions, Alert Type, Biome Type, Zone, Modifiers, Rewards Logic and Modifiers. Under these boxes, there are also Reset button and Search button. So, you are able to fill one or some boxes to find the mission that you want.

mission finder database

According to the description in the Mission Finder page in FortniteDB website, there is some information that you need to know regarding to use The Mission Finder on that website. It is described that the reward filter got additional control functionality.

  • Looking for chosen items in mission alert reward & repeatable reward
  • Narrowing the search to Alert Rewards only
  • Narrowing the search to Rewards only.
  • Distinguish the search logic between the selected items (and / or)

Besides, there are newly added Modifiers filters control. So, now you are able to exclude modifiers from your search and also distinguish the logic (and / or). This mission finder improved searching functionality and also there are permanent links for your search.

So, as you are able to read in the description above that from now on each search will produce a permanent link. This link can be used by you later to return the state of chosen filters previously.

The link will be available above the list of the result of there will be any. Every change of the setup of the filter will provide you a new value. It permits you to make some predefined filters for your needs, it is able to be for example a listing of all evolution materials missions for your zone and many more.

In the End Game Filters, with the link: 99a916204b6f024ca9e32ebd1a7e98e0, the purpose is to farm evolution & perk recombobulator materials in 4 player missions. The breakdown including:

Find Evolution Materials or Perk Recombobulator

In the following missions: Fight Category 4 Storm, Repair the Shelter, Retrieve the Data, Evacuate the Shelter. The strictness is limited to Twine Peaks and it is only Mega Alerts.

In the Leveling Filters, with the link: 449a50685e69afebab9fe748ae7f5e44, the purpose is to farm survivor experience efficiently together with 1 evolution material. The breakdown is to find any mission which has survivor experience together with one evolution material. It is in the Stonewood, Plankerton or Canny Valley.

In the link: 4ef1c19637e0bece5f3475031b13c1f2, the purpose is to farm survivor experience in lower zones efficiently. The breakdown is that you have to find any mission which has 4x survivor experience. The strictness is only Mega Alerts (4 players). In the link: db6404f8a6ae4cb4add497d0533c2894, the purpose is to farm survivor experience in lower zones efficiently. The breakdown is that you have to discover any mission which has 4x survivor experience.

In the General Filter, the link: fe57ae53b7bea6eace409a2b6c8bde38, the purpose is focused mainly around discovering notable rewards. The breakdown is that the filter will return all the available rewards listed below.

Find any of these

  • Vbucks missions
  • Survivors
  • Lead Survivors
  • Defenders
  • Heroes
  • Schematics

There is a special function of the following filters.

  • Evo mats: a group which will return any type of Evolution material.
  • Perkup: a group which will return any type of Perk-Up.
  • Recombobulator: a group which will return any type of Recombobulator materials.

The Other Things That You Can Find in FortniteDB

As we explained earlier, there are some menus at the top of FortniteDB website including Missions, Database, Other and Br Store. If you click on Missions, you have known what you can get. How about the Database menu? If you click on this menu, there will:

  • Schematics including Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, and Traps.
  • Heroes including Heroes List, Hero Perks, and Builds.
  • Quest Lines including Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks.
  • Other including Collection Book Rewards, Commander Rewards and Season 4 Venture Rewards.

If you click on Other menu, the things that you will find include:

  • Leaderboards including Hero Experience, Seasonal Gold and Tickets.
  • Guides and Tools including MSK Guide and MSK Tools.
  • FortniteDB Stats including Collection Book, FDB Power Level, and FDB Activity.
  • Support including Help Tickets, Support FortniteDB, and Discord.

How about Br Store? If you click on it, you will be directed to a page containing information about Fortnite Item Shop for that day. You are able to explore the website by yourself and have fun.

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