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Spy Games have just been added to Fortnite, bringing two new limited time modes to the shooter of Epic Games. completely changing the dynamic of the well-known battle royale, Spy Games allows every player to gear up before a match and then drop into a small area to go against an enemy team. Completing rounds in this LTM rewards you Intel, which is able to be used to unlock upgrades to the equipment you get the beginning of the matches.

The first of the Spy Games to be available is called Operation Knockout. This one has teams of two or four players complete in a 16 team bracket for wins. The mode drops you in a small random place of the map where the circle constantly shifts to keep moving and strategizing. Apparently, the duo version is in a much smaller place the the four man squad, making that mode a lot of more violent and ready for action. Basically, the team that has the most kills when the timer runs out wins the match and moves them up to the next round of the bracket.

At the beginning of every round, you will be given an option between three different load outs in order to bring into battle. All the load outs start out fairly simple with green rarity weapons and average traits but level up as you earn Intel at the end of the matches. Those kits that you bring are able to be anything from a Shotgun that reloads faster or a sniper rifle with the added bonus of extra movement in the water. Feel free to bring what you can to the fight and hope your allies are down to get those kills, because you are stuck with that load out for the rest of the game.

The Midas Challenges for Week 9 of Season 2 are finally out, allowing you to help sway the allegiance of the gold guy to either Team Ghost or Shadow. One of the challenges asks you to get 10 pieces of Intel in Operation Matches, which just needs a bit of a time sink. A point of Intel is gained for each round in Operation Knockout you make it past, with five rounds going if you win the entire thing. For those who are really great at the game called Fortnite, it should only take you two full games of Operation Knockout in order to complete this challenge. In case you are not the best and keep getting knocked out in the first round, completing the challenge could take all day.

As stated before, gathering Intel is part of the Midas Mission Challenges, the ultimate agent Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 focuses on. You will need to gather intel during Spy Games Operation matches. All the new game modes are a new feature of Chapter 2 Season 2. You will unlock and improve you skills via different choices by playing them. You will need to press the TV on the right in the battle pass lobby to follow the progress.

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