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As the hottest game in the world, it does not wonder if Fortnite can just be launched in higher specification on certain devices. For unsupported devices, you totally cannot launch and play Fortnite. Certainly, there are certain specifications that you need to recognize before downloading the Fortnite app.

Epic Games has just announced that Fortnite will not support graphics cards capable of running Microsoft DirectX 10. But take it easy, for those of you who are still using this series of graphics cards, you can still play it for now.

Epic Games totally will only enforce the above rules at the start of Season 10. It means a compatible graphic card with DirectX11 (or higher) which can launch Fortnite Season 10. So, slow down for it!

We are definitely here to inform you of the awesome ways to still be able to play Fortnite without buying higher specification devices.

In this case, graphics cards capable of running Microsoft DirectX 11 are fairly common on most PCs. So, the changes may not affect much for some. But for those who have lower PC’s specifications, you certainly need to upgrade the graphic card to higher in order to run Microsoft DirectX11.

What is a graphic card which can be used to play Fortnite?

You may already know that Nvidia released the graphic card in series GeForce GTS 450. This graphic card totally will be okay to run DirectX 11. Of course, it can be a smart way for you in order to play Fortnite in lower specification of the devices as you’re using.

The Fortnite is available on GeForce Now and Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform is now available on Mac. Furthermore, the service has a free membership plan, so, you do not need to pay a penny at all.

How to get a GeForce Nvidia graphic card?

If your device has unsupported specification, we guess that you will look for any ways to get it. Then, to get a GeForce Nvidia graphic card to be able to play Fortnite, you just have to download it on your device. Then, you may not know how to download it, may you?

Please slow down! We are here to guide you in downloading the GeForce graphic card and install it on your device. The ways will be shown below!

  • Firstly, you have to go to the official GeForce site that you can access here.
  • After that, you will be directed to the download page. On this page, you are allowed to choose the devices you are using. There will be some options including Windows PC, Mac OS, ChromeBook and Android. Then, make sure to choose the device you’re using to play Fortnite.
  • Click on the Download button. Wait for a few minutes until downloading the file is done.
  • Once the GeForce file is successfully downloaded. It is time for you to install it.
  • After that, sign up to get a free or pain Founders membership that you can access here.
  • Once you installed and signed you, of course you are able to download Fortnite to Nvidia’s remote server through GeForce Now client.
  • Finally, you now can play Fortnite by using GeForce.

Well, those are the ways that you can download GeForce Now and play Fortnite as usual in seemingly unsupported devices. Good Luck!!!

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