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Ghost Portal is the name of a Back Bling cosmetic item in Fortnite Battle Royale . This one is able to be obtained as a reward from Skull Trooper Challenge. Please keep in mind that it is a Back Bling and not a Skin or Outfit.

As stated before, Ghost Portal is a part of Fortnite Skull Trooper Challenges. For those who had skin or purchase it now, you are able to do these challenges in order to unlock that amazing Ghost Portal Back Bling. Those challenges are going to take sometime to complete. It is impossible to complete these in one day due to the requirement of 7 Days Challenges. You will need to be a little bit patient with some of these.

Fortnite Skull Trooper Challenges is likely going to be the most time consuming portion of the challenges. All of them do not include your battle pass, so they are only the ones you get one a day to day basis. For those who have already completed some of them, then you will just need to wait until they refresh.

  1. Play Matches

50 matches is small amount, and it depends if you care or not how well you are doing in these matches. The best option is to dive for the most populated area and just be super aggressive. You are not recommended to queue up a match and then jump off a cliff. This kind of thing might be against some rule and doing it 50 straight times would be pretty obvious to Epic Games. It seems like they do not care, and you will not have any problems. However, it is better be safe than sorry.

  1. Play matches with at least one elimination

This is the main reason of why it is better to play out the early game when you are trying to do 50 matches. You have to get at least one elimination in 14 different games. You are able to complete the challenge easily while you are trying to rack up 50 matches.

  1. Search 10 Chests in a single match

It is better for you to gliding to the furthest part of the map away from the bus and loot the whole area. Something like Junk Junction or anything called and on the outskirts. You need to get the majority of your chests from the area, and then maybe a couple more from some of the smaller places that are not marked. For those who are good players, you will likely just complete this one without having to do something like this. 100 chests over the whole game is not that many if you are slaying out.

  1. Deal damage to opponents in a single match

You will have to do 1,000 damage to players in a single match. This one is easier in something like duos or squads. You are able to knock someone and then deal more damage to their downed body. Aside from that, 50v50 would also be a good option, you are able to get a lot of headshot snipes which account for a lot of damage.

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