Good Clan Names for Fortnite That Are Not Taken (Not Used)

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You want to create a Fortnite clan but now you have no idea about the name of clan. If you want to make a name for your clan, actually you are able to take the name from everything. You are able to combine several words to be a name.

Creating a good clan name sometimes is tricky. It is because we want to make a name which is suitable with the goal and character of the clan. However, there are some efforts that you are able to do to find good names for Fortnite clans. One of the things that you are able to do is that you are able to ask to other people in a forum about it. Then, other Fortnite players will give you some ideas and you are able to take the name. Or, you are able to combine the names that are given by other people to be one name.

Some websites also provides some ideas for you about the names of clan. Here are some of them.

  • Swift Camper
  • President Lucky Ninja
  • Friendzied De5tr0yer
  • Waller
  • Floating Shooter
  • Explosive Constructor
  • Gr3asy Sniper
  • Frantic Marksman
  • An4rchist
  • Bombardier
  • Dark Assassin
  • Lucky Ace
  • Power Bomber

You are able to learn from these examples of clan names and then you are able to create your own name for your clan so that you will not have the same name of clan with others since you make by your own.

Another way that you are able to do to find a clan name which is not used is through Youtube. There are some Youtubers who share some names for clans. You are able to check  some videos about it on Youtube and then you can take one of the names that they share in the video. We know that it is risky that the names may have been used by other people. But, you can try to take one of the names that you like. Here , we have a list of clan names from a Youtube video of DylanHD entitled 1000+ Best/ Cool Sweaty Clan Names 2020! (Not Used). Here are some of them.

  • LuxeX
  • Rinnify
  • SychooX
  • ElimsXr
  • Derivn
  • Cunkys
  • Reticle
  • BeamZ
  • NoSchulz
  • Fiery
  • DeathThrowX
  • Vulture
  • Slugee
  • Ghoulze
  • XlunatiX
  • Rekzii

You are able to watch the video directly and find the name that you like from the videos. If you cannot find the name that you like, you can try another method which is through generator.

Searching names for clan can be also through a generator. Fortnite clan name generator that you are able to use is Gen8RS which can be accessed at In this generator, you have to choose the length of the name whether short or long. After that, if you want, you can give a check mark on the Epicfy your clan name box. Then, press GenR8 button and you will be given a clan name there. If you feel that you do not like the given name, then you are able to try again to get another name.

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