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Google Authenticator is known as the name of the free security app that is able to protect the accounts against password theft. This one is easy to set up and is able to be used in the process called two-factor authentication or 2FA offered on the popular services such as Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, and many more.

This app for Fortnite generates a random code used to verify your identity when you are logging into various services. The code is able to technically be sent to the phone through text message every time, but the Google Authenticator app provides the extra level of security.

Apparently, SMS-based 2FA has the popular security flaw, and any devoted hacker is able to try to socially engineer an attack against your phone company. The Google Authenticator app will eliminate the possibility of the SMS-based attack using the algorithms in order to generate the codes on the phone.

If you want to set Google Authenticator app, the first thing that you have to do is to download Google Authenticator from either the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store. Fortunately, it is 100% free. Then, set up two-step verification on your Google account. You need to log into your Google Account. Under Security and Sign In, please choose Two-Step Verification and then scroll down to choose the Authenticator app option. The next thing that you have to do is to choose your phone, Android or iPhone. After that, open the actual Google Authenticator app on your phone and tap the plus button. At the bottom of the screen two options will appear. The first one is Scan barcode and Manual entry.

You only have to choose one of the two options in order to complete the whole process. The first option will take a bit longer to complete, requiring you to download the QR scanner from the app store and then pointing your phone at the Qr code on your computer screen to verify the connection of the Google Authenticator with your account. On the other hand, the second option just means that Google will send you a 16-digit code to the email address. Then, you need to enter the code to complete the process of the verification. Please make sure the Time Based option i toggled to ON. It is to ensure the code you are entering is aligned with the most recent passcode generation of Authenticator.

Now, every time you log into the account you have connected with Google Authenticator, the account will ask you to enter the verification code. All that you have to do is to simply open the Google Authenticator app, and the app will generate the new, randomized code for you to enter. Do not forget that if you stay logged in, you will not have to go through the 2FA process during each login. In the end, your account is not only protected with two-factor authentication, but with the added security of Google’s six digit authenticator code.

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