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Epic Games always offers many excellent challenges that successfully attracts every Fortnite players to complete it. In Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 4, there are some challenges that you need to complete. One of them is to destroy the Gorgers.

If you were required to destroy the Gatherers or use their remains last week, of course in this week 5, you have to destroy just one Gorger to complete the challenge. Let’s see how to find the location of Gorgers in order to be able to destroy it!

What are Gorgers in Fortnite?

Fortnite v14.10 updated two weeks ago. In this patch, Epic Games finally added in Stark Industries as well as Galactus Drones. Then, those Galactus Drones are well-known as Gorgers. Moreover, Gorger is black and red Galactus drone that drops good loot as a reward for destroying them

However, to find the Gorgers in Fortnite is such a challenging way to do as the Gorgers can be found in any random spots in Fortnite island.

Where to Find Gorgers?

After you know that this is one of the amazing challenges in Fortnite, of course you may want to complete it soon before it ends. Well, the main thing that you need to recognize is that the Gorgers can be found in any spots in Fortnite. So, it means that the Gorgers are any random spot and there is the exact location to get it.

Because there are no set spawn locations where the Gorgers are, using and pulling your glider as soon as you jump out of the Battle Bus and looking for the red beam to indicate at Gorger is really needed. By using the glider, you definitely can land on any spots in Fortnite. You can also focus looking around until you can indicate that the Gorger is around.

To ease you indicating the Gorger’s spawn, you are able to try getting a helicopter and flying around until you find a Gorger.

How to Destroy a Gorger?

Once you find a Gorger, it is time for you to destroy it soon. However, you can destroy the Gorger by using a normal weapon. In case you destroy a Gorger, you can hit the yellow highlighted spots on a Gorger so that you can inflict damage on them.

The weak spot of Gorger are the eye and the yellow parts at the bottom of the Gorger which are always yellow unlike the eye. Well, the fastest and easiest way to destroy a Gorger is to wait until it spawns the Gatherers and destroy them a lot. In the end, there will be a Gatherer that you will see on the floor, then you can grab it and use it as your weapon.

The weapon will have unlimited ammo and will deal 37 damage to destroy a Gorger no matter where you hit it. Moreover, it has to take 20 or 30 seconds to destroy a Gorger if you keep shooting it with Gatherer’s remains.

So, it is your turn to try completing the Gorger’s challenge to get the promised rewards. Good Luck!!!

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