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The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games has released more than 300 skins for Fortnite through Items Shop sale, Battle Passes, and promotions. The number of the skins available is really wondeful and it is definitely been a worthwhile venture for the company.

All the Fortnite skins are professionally designed. A grade skin is quickly becoming an industry standard. With the high quality offered by Epic Games, do can resist buying at least a couple of these great products? Now, how well do you know about the skins of Fortnite? Do you have what it takes to pass the Fortnite skin quiz? Here is the quiz that you can try.

1. Which season’s Battle Pass included the Black Knight skin?

a. Season 2
b. Season 3
c. Season 4
d. Season 5

2. When did the Fortune skin initially release?

a. June 2, 2018
b. February 17, 2018
c. January 7, 2019
d. July 13, 2018

3. How was the Frozen Red Knight released?

a. Single Item Shop purchase
b. Battle Pass
c. Part of a bundle
d. Challenge

4. What promotion event of the company that grants you the Galaxy skin?

a. LG
b. Samsung
c. Asus
d. Sony

5. Which season’s Battle Pass includes the Lynx skin?

a. Season 7
b. Season 8
c. Season 6
d. Season 3

6. What is the name of the female skin with the vendora hat and purple ribbon?

a. Noir
b. Detector
c. Gumshoe
d. Sleuth

7. How many V-Bucks were needed to purchase the Merry Marauder skin?

a. 800
b. 1500
c. 1200
d. 2000

8. What is the name of the male counterpart of the Fate skin?

a. Destiny
b. Chaos
c. Omen
d. Doom

9. How many Team Leader bear skins have been released?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

10. What is the name of the female counterpart of the Raven skin?

a. Crow
b. Vulture
c. Trasher
d. Ravage

11. Which movie franchise inspired the creation of The Reaper skin?

a. Constantine
b. John Wick
c. The Matrix
d. Die Hard

12. What historical culture is the Magnus skin inspired by?

a. Vikings
b. Romans
c. Gauls
d. Celts

13. Which season’s Battle Pass included The Rock?

a. Season 2
b. Season 3
c. Season 4
d. Season 5

14. When was the Rosa skin last seen in the Item Shop of Fortnite?

a. November 1, 2018
b. November 23, 2018
c. February 12, 2019
d. November 3, 2018

15. What is the name of the female basketball skin in Fortnite?

a. Jumpball
b. Triple Threat
c. Airball
d. Triple Double

The quiz to guess the Fortnite skin contains a mix of easy and hard questions. You will definitely breeze past a few of these, but you might slay the rest of them. To challenge your memory and your knowledge, it is better for you to not to search the answer on the internet. It is fine if you get the answer wrong.

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