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Everyone has their favorite Fortnite skin, but which one is the best suited to you? To find out the answer, you can take the quiz on a website named Beano. For those who are not familiar with this website, it is a rebellious entertainment studio and creative agency powered by Data and Insight.

Beano produces diverse entertainment content across TV and the award winning, as well as theatrical, experiences, consumer products, and the legendary comic and annual. This one offers transformative insights to help brands understand and engage with kids, teens, and their millennial parents. Everything at the site is powered by the Beano Brain that enables us to understand the tastes, demands and growing purchase power of kids, teens, and millennial parents.

The quiz to guess the Fortnite skins on Beano consists of ten questions. Here are the ten of them.

1. You are playing Fortnite Battle Royale squad mode and are flying over the map in the bus. What will you do?

a. Wait until the rest of the ream jump out and stick together
b. Dive out straight away and your team will follow you
c. Try to avoid your team mates, you work alone
d. Get straight into the action you do not fear dying on Fortnite

2. If you go out to buy a new jumper, which color code do you prefer?

a. Purple and blue
b. Black and orange
c. Black, white and green
d. Just black

3. What is your favorite holiday of the year?

a. Easter
b. Halloween
c. Christmas
d. New Year’s Eve

4. What is your favorite film genre?

a. Action
b. Scary
c. Fairytale
d. Sci-Fi

5. Which musical artists would you most like to listen to?

a. Ed Sheeran
b. Michael Jackson
c. Little Mix
d. Stormzy

6. What will you do when you are playing Fortnite and your teammate comes under attack?

a. Wait to see what happens
b. Go to the battle without a weapon, you fear nothing and no one
c. Rush to their rescue, if one of you falls you all fall
d. Leave them to it, it is not your fault that your teammate is not as good as you

7. Which pet would you most like you have?

a. A bat
b. A black cat
c. A puppy
d. An alien

8. What would you most like to eat?

a. Dried fruit
b. BBQ chicken
c. Pumpkin soup
d. I never eat I am to busy seeking revenge

9. Which item of clothing do you most prefer to wear?

a. Hoody
b. Lycra body suits
c. Short and tie
d. Swimsuit

10. You are trapped on a desert island, what an item would you take with you?

a. Your pet bird
b. Your puppy
c. A rocket ship
d. A treasure chest

Please take the quiz about the Fortnite skin above on Beano so you can get the result. Do not forget to share to your friends.

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