Gun Game Fortnite Code Free for All

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If you are looking for Gun Game Fortnite codes, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to share a list of some best Fortnite Gun Game codes. Make sure you will not miss any information from the following text.


If you are familiar with shooter games, then you have no doubt played Gun Game before. This style of game tests your ability with a slew of different weaponry. Now, the concept has been brought into Fortnite. You are going to start out with one gun in a set. When you get an elimination, then you proceed to the next gun. You have to continue getting eliminations to cycle through all the guns in the set to win. If you are not a fan of building in Fortnite, then this is a great mode to play as you will not need to worry about harvesting or protecting yourself with structures.

Gun Game Fortnite Code Free for All

Best Fortnite Gun Game Codes List

Here is a list of the best Fortnite Gun Game codes:

  • The Forbidden Hollows Gun Game: Code 6361-2584-3679
  • Citadel – Gun Game | Parkour: Code 5464-7163-5183
  • Gun Game Quest: Code 8402-5347-6470
  • OG Junk Junction Gun Game: Code 7398-2853-2137
  • Scrap Town – Gun Game: Code 2126-4465-9677
  • Time Twist Gun Game: Code 5918-7034-6151
  • Zoo Gun Game: Code 8169-7821-3985
  • First Person Gun Game: Code 6821-7528-4726
  • One Shot Gun Game: Code 0058-1374-3994
  • Terminal MW2 Remake: Code 4340-5772-0250

The Forbidden Hollows Gun Game

This Forbidden Hollows Gun Game map was featured on the Epic’s Picks tab in the Discovery menu that ended up making it one of the most famous gun game maps we have seen. Prior to being featured on the exclusive list, the players were able to recognize its potential in its themed design and simple game mechanics. Please join a game, wait for up to 30 players, and then see which of you comes out on the top.

Citadel – Gun Game | Parkour

This Citadel – Gun Game | Parkour map offers a fresh new look at the best of both worlds for two of the most famous creative map modes. As a Gun Game which also challenges the players’ parkour skills, you have to manage some skill sets if you want to come out as the victor. This Citadel – Gun Game | Parkour map was featured as one of Epic’s Picks on the Discovery tab, proving its professional design and replay ability, making it a leader on many lists of the best Fortnite maps.

Gun Game Quest

This is a new take on the Gun Game genre that is perfectly executed. Instead of playing a round where you need to progress through all weapons to win, you have to level up your guns by scoring eliminations with them. The more eliminations you get, then the better rarity you get for the gun with which you scored them. When you get eliminated, you only need to choose your preferred loadout again, then simply jump back into the action.

OG Junk Junction

You have to know that one of the lesser remembered parts of the Fortnite Chapter 1 map was Junk Junction. This OG Junk Junction map brings it back to life and reminds of how great POI was for close-quarters combat. Do not be confused with one of the many other Junk Junction creative maps out there, recently this one has been published to accommodate for the new mechanics in Chapter 3.

Scrap Town – Gun Game

This Scrap Town – Gun Game is a classic Gun Game map which was originally made in Chapter 2. Actually, it is a Borderlands-esque Scrapyard themed map that instantly soared in fame to become one of the most memorable Gun Game maps. Apparently, most veteran Fortnite players are familiar with this map, thus you will not find any shortage of competition when you match with the players who have played it before.

Time Twist Gun Game

Time Twist Gun Game is a map which accommodates for some game types. However, its primary game features the Gun Game mechanic. The twist in Time Twist is that you are able to warp between different universes during the match, giving you an escape when under fire or a way to surprise unsuspecting opponents. Similar to the mechanics introduced in Chapter 2 Season 8, the players are able to warp instantly between normal physics and altered physics simply by using their Rift-to-Go.

Zoo Gun Game

This Zoo Gun Game is an exciting theme for any Gun Game fan. On this map, you are put in a Zoo, where you have to fight through the ranks as different animal classes. Each animal class has its own advantages, which asks you to change up your playstyle as you progress through the gun roster. Even the players who are tired of the Gun Game mechanic are going to love this fresh version of the classic Gun Game mod.

First Person Gun Game

Everyone will love a good old Gun Game. However, what happens if there was a twist? As we know that Fortnite plays in the third person. Have you ever tried playing the Fortnite gun game in first-person? Why not try Fortnite Gun Game in first-person? Do not worry, there is a First-Person Gun Game, so you are able to try it right now.

One Shot Gun Game

This one is really simple but very challenging. It is your ordinary free for all Gun Game, however with a twist. Every weapon will kill in one shot. Just one stray bullet needs to shit someone to kill them. The first to 15 kills will win.

Terminal MW2 Remake

If you are a fan of Modern Warfare, then this Terminal MW2 Remake map might be right up your alley because it is a remake of the Terminal map in MW2. Just fight it out in an airport terminal while skirting in and out of a big airplane, as well as inside of the airport where you are able to go behind a counter and take people’s orders.

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