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Some of you may be confused to find letter ‘E’ in Fortnite. You do not have a clue where to find this letter and you know that this letter is the last letter in FORTNITE word. So, where is this letter ‘E’ located? You need to know the location of this letter so that then you can find it.

There is a clue of this letter that it is located in the Dive Loading Screen. You have to note that you will only be able to unlock it after you complete eight challenges from that set. You also need to know that the letter will likely be easy miss since the loading screen is busy with characters and explosions. However, if you look carefully, you are able to find it just above a lamp post in the background. The location of it is in the east of Slurpy Swamp and northwest of Misty Meadows. You are able to use a glider to get there and then you will be able to see a hidden letter E which is hovering above the street lamp.

Okay, now you have known the location of the letter E on Fortnite so now you are able to start to find it. You are able to go to the area that we have mentioned above and then collect it. You will need to be able to build your way up to it since the letter appear above the lamp post next to the bridge. After you arrive there and find it, you are able to interact with the letter E.

If you want to watch some videos about a guide to find letter ‘E’ location, you are able to watch some videos on Youtube and the videos that you are able to watch are as listed below.

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Before you are able to collect the hidden E, it is important for you to know that the letter will appear only after you have unlocked the Dive loading screen and the corresponding challenge that asks you to search for the letter. So, you have to firstly work through the other Dive missions before you are able to find it.

Then, if you have successfully collected all the eight hidden letters from this season, you are able to unlock the special Sorana skin as a reward for you. So, you are able to try to unlock the letters now and get the reward. Good luck for you!

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