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Apparently, we are a few weeks into Chapter 2 of Fortnite, and there are a bunch of Fortnite challenges to complete on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and mobile devices. If you are able to complete at least eight challenges from each bundle, so you are going to  unlock an associated loading screen that hiding a secret letter you need to find for a later mission.

You have to know that it holds true for week 2’s ‘Open Water challenges’. Just clear enough of its tasks and you are going to unlock one that asks you to search the hidden O in the ‘Open Water loading screen’. If you are at this page to ask a help in finding the letter, we are going to guide showing you exactly where to go and how to complete the challenge.


Actually, this similar to the secret Battle Stars from past seasons, the location of the letter O is hidden in a special loading screen. When you have already unlocked the screen, then you are going to need to scour it carefully to see where the letter O is hiding around the island. You will be able to unlock the loading screen in question once you complete eight of this week’s Open Water challenges. You do not worry about that because it should be easy enough to do because most of the tasks are fairly easy. If you need help mopping them up, so you are able to find our tips for the Open Water challenges in this article. Now, you are able to keep reading the following text.


When you know where to look, please make your way to the aforementioned building in Craggy Cliffs and the letter is going to appear once you approach. Then, you are able to interact with it to collect the O and you are going to complete the challenge. This is the second hidden letter in the season, with six more to go until you spell out “FORTNITE”. If you still have not found the letter F, please be sure to check our hidden F location guide. Of course, you are able also to check out our other Fortnite Chapter 2 coverage.

Now, we are going to explain it more detail. Some of you may still do not understand about this challenge. For those who are looking for the hidden O in Fortnite, first you have to complete all the other eight challenges as a part of the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Open Water mission. The process is going to be pretty familiar if you have already been found last week’s Fortnite hidden ‘F’ location. By completing the other Open Water challenges, such as Fortnite named locations and Fortnite landmark locations, so you are going to progress the challenges and eventually unlock a loading screen. Similar to previous Fortnite challenges, where a battle star was hidden in the loading screen, the loading screens each week for this season is going to have clues to find each letter to spell out Fortnite. You are able to expect hidden letters in loading screens to be a part of each week’s challenges for Fortnite’s new season.

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