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The third batch of Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges is now live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. This week’s set is named Forged in Slurp. If you are able to complete at least eight of the challenges, so you are going to unlock a special loading screen which contains a clue leading to another letter hidden somewhere around the map.

At the moment, you will need to search for the hidden letter ‘R’ Fortnite in the Forged in Slurp loading screen. You have to note that these hidden letters are not always easy to spot in the loading screen or locate on the map, so if you need help tracking it down, we are going to guide showing you exactly where to go to find the letter ‘R’ Fortnite.


As we said before that the guide to the R’s whereabouts is hidden in the Forged in Slurp loading screen. It featureing Rippley standing before the Slurp Factory in the Slurpy Swamp. The letter appears in the background beneath one of the factory’s platforms, so that is where you will need to go to find the letter ‘R’. The platform in question is on the northeastern side of the factory.


When you know where the letter ‘R’ is hidden, you have to make your way to the factory in Slurpy Swamp and head toward the aforementioned platform, the letter is going to appear when you approach. Then, you are able to interact with it when prompted. Finally, you will be able to complete the challenge. You have to note that the letter will not appear on the map until you have already unlocked this challenge. Therefore, you will need to work your way through the other Forged In Slurp missions before you are able to collect it. Most are fairly easy, but one that will need a bit of searching asks you to dance at Compact Cars, Lockie’s Lighthouse, and Weather Station. For this case, if you need a help to find those areas, we  have put together a dance locations guide showing you where to go.


The three locations that you need to dance in are spread out across the map with one in the north, south, and near the centre. Actually, they are not too hard to find, especially if you know where to look. You are able to find the Compact Cars near the centre of the map. It is a small scrapyard that’s located on the east side of the river between Frenzy Farm and Dirty Docks. You are going to find it on Fortnite’s map grid in the G4 square. Lockie’s Lighthouse is difficult to miss once you are in the northwest of the map. The tall red and white lighthouse is located on an island at the very top of the map near Pleasant Park. Lastly, the Weather Station lives at the top of the snowy mountains in the southeast. You are going to find it in the G7 square of Fortnite’s map grid.

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