Hidden Letter ‘T’ Fortnite Location (Location 2)

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Now, you may be trying to complete the challenges in Fortnite. And now, you are in the area where you have to find the letter ‘T’. You may not know where it is so that you need a guide to be able to find the location of the hidden ‘T’ letter. So, where is the hidden letter ‘T’?

In the words ‘Fortnite’ there are two letters of ‘T’ so you have to find both of them. Where are these T letters location? To be able to find the first T which is in the week 7, you have to scroll down to the next section. Then, if you are looking for the new one, you in the right place. You have to aim your glider towards the verdant called area of Weeping Woods. To the north there will be a wooden bridge. Then, underneath the bridge, there are two wooden planks and this is where the letter ‘T’ can be picked up.

How about another ‘T’? To be able to find the letter T in Fortnite from week 4, you have to go to the industrious eastern spot which is known as Dirty Docks. This place is able to be found on top of the crane walkway located to the south of the area. There you go, that is all the various T’s accounted for.

If we talk about Fortnite week 7 T location, it is important for you to know that if you have known where to look, you have to go to the bridge which is depicted in the Trick Shot loading screen and then the T will come up beneath it. Then, you are able to interact with the letter as you would any other item in the game. Also, you will have to complete the challenge which means you need to find one more letter to spell as FORTNITE and then unlock the special Battle Pass skin in this season.

Before you go to find the letter T, it is better for you to remember that the letter will only appear after you have successfully unlocked its corresponding challenges. So, firstly you will have to finish all the other missions from the Trick Shot set before you are able to collect the letter. Fortunately, most of those challengs are straightforward but one that may give you some trouble assignments such as dancing at the Pipe Man, Hay Man and Timber Tent.

Well, now you have known where the location of the T letters in Fortnite. So, what are you waiting for? you are able to try to search the T letters now in Fortnite. So, go access Fortnite now, log in and the play this section and find T letters and also find others letters so that you are able to find all the FORTNITE letters. Also, do not forget to get the rewards.

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