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However, Epic Games currently do not suggest using any emojis, symbols and signs in Fortnite username. But, many Fortnite players really want uncommon and something new in Fortnite including in Fortnite username. Indeed, the username with emoji or symbol is more attractive and inviting to look at.

As the title of our article, the Smiley Face emoji can copy and paste into your Fortnite username. So, it means that you just copy the smiley emoji, then, paste it in your Fortnite name. That’s really easy, isn’t it?

Although it looks easy to do, unfortunately, not all players can succeed with this. Evidently, there are many rules that you have to recognize before you decide to put a smiley face in your Fortnite username.

At least, there are two languages that popularize the emojis to use for any purposes. They are:

  • Chinese 😊

On Chinese emoji, the smiley face is presented with a yellow face with smiling eyes and a broad, closed smile turning up to rosy cheeks. Then, the meaning of this smiley emoji is generally used to express genuine happiness, warm and positive feelings.

The Smiley face emoji is drawn with this image: 😊

This smiley emoji is also known as “^^”, J, Happy Face and smile symbol.

  • Japanese

On Japanese, the smiley face usually uses this symbol (ツ) to indicate happiness. In fact, this is one of Japanese letters in Katakana which represents one mora. Then, this Katakana letter form has become popular as an emoticon in the Western that indicates a smiling face and as part of the shrug emoji.

Even though, until now, many people around the world use this Katakana form to describe the smiley face.

So as in Fortnite, this Japanese Katakana form is mostly used for Fortnite username. The emoji of ツ is really popular among the players to complete their username display in Fortnite. So, it is no wonder if many Fortnite players definitely desire to use this emoji.

How to copy and paste a smiley face in Fortnite?

Well, if you really want to put smiley face in your Fortnite name, of course you should do some great ways as follow:

  • Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is to find the smiley face emoji. You surely can find the smiley face emoji on many sources from the internet.
  • Step 2: When you type “Smiley Face emoji” on your browser address whatever browser you use, you definitely can get many results of this emoji. Of course, you will find Smiley face emoji from any language whether Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and many more.
  • Step 3: Then, choose the smiley face emoji based on the language as you want. (Generally, the Fortnite players choose Japanese smiley face to put in their Fortnite name.
  • After that, you have to find at least one copyable smiley face emoji, forget if the symbol cannot copy, you certainly can get more from another source.
  • After you get it, you have to copy the smiley face emoji.
  • Meanwhile, you need to open the Epic Games account on another browser tab. Go to your profile in Epic Games account. Then, click on the PEN symbol on the left of your Fortnite username.
  • Then, paste it on your Fortnite name. If the Trident appears in your Fortnite name, it means that you’re successful.

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