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As the strongest mutant in the universe, many Fortnite fans wonder how big the Galactus is. A lot of rumours circulate that Galactus will cover the whole of the Fortnite map. That means that Galastuc is bigger than Fortnite island. Is it true? To prove it, let’s find out the facts for the size of Galactus on this page!

How big is Galactus in Fortnite?

There is none who can measure the exact size of Galactus in Fortnite which is certain Galactus is no bigger than Fortnite island. In this post, we just want to compare the size of Galactus with other objects in Fortnite which are well-known as the giant objects in Fortnite. What are they?

The giant objects in Fortnite include Jonesy, Kevin, Christ Thedeemer, Statue of Liberty, Mecha Team Leader, The Eiffel Tower and Giant Travis Scott. In Fortnite, they are included as bigger objects than others.

Galactus in Fortnite

Surprised! Galactus will be bigger than the Giant Travis Scott, meaning Galactus will be alot more huge than we expected. He’s also bigger than Mecha team leader.

As you already know that Giant Travis Scott is really huge when he performed on the stage at the Astronomical Fortnite event. If you attended for this event, you may only be as tall as Giant Travis Scott. Now, Galactus will be bigger than Giant Travis Scott. Well, we cannot imagine how big he is.

How does Galactus look like?

You may also wonder how Galactus looks. Well, if you’re a Marvel comic fan, you may be able to represent Galactus’s look. While, if you do not do anything of Marvel comics, of course Galactus’ character is really strange for you.

As we know, Galactus is a cosmic entity with almost the same power as a god which is depicted as a cosmic creature wearing purple armor.  He has a power called Cosmic Power and in order to survive, Galactus must suck life energy from a planet. With Power Cosmic, Galactus can do many things such as transmuting objects, reviving something or someone, reviving those who have died, and even destroying the entire solar system.

It was also shown in the comic Thanos: Epiphany # 5, where Thanos had one attack on Galactus before Galactus responded and then defeated Thanos. In terms of strength, it was clear that Thanos was far behind Galactus. However, this situation might change if Thanos had his signature weapon, the Infinity Gauntlet.

The chronology why Galactus finally comes to Fortnite?

Epic Games recently announced the new season, Nexus War. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 takes up the comic book where you will battle together Thor to defeat the eater of the planet, Galactus.

Certainly, it’s not the first time Fortnite has held a superhero-themed event. Previously, Fortnite had also held events about Avengers and Batman, and recently they even presented Deadpool and Aquaman skins. While, in Fortnite Nexus War, this is the first time which has a superhero theme for one full season.

Of course, Thor doesn’t want to fight Galactus alone and summon other characters from Marvel comics. They are Iron Man, Storm, Mystique, Doctor Doom, Groot, She-Hulk and Wolverine. They will all appear as skins in this season’s battle pass.Aside from the Marvel skin, you can also see in the trailer where Rocket Racoon is also present as a pet.

Before announcing this season, Epic Games has released a short comic that tells how Thor and Galactus arrived at Fortnite Island. Moreover, Epic Games also made a few changes to the map where there was a small hole caused by Thor’s hammer.

In short, Thor who recently earned the title “The Herald of Thunder”, was seen circling the galaxy with the giant planet-eater, Galactus. They both roam the galaxy in search of some “food” to gather strength.

Thor and Galactus then find a galaxy hole that can take them to Fortnite Island. Galactus plans to eat it because the hole has special powers. However, Thor detects something strange in the gap and he immediately steps on the gas to tell the residents in it the danger that will occur.The residents on Fortnite Island don’t even believe it and consider Thor a threat. They then immediately opened fire attacks and surrounded him.

Now, all Marvel heroes who have arrived at Fortnite island are keeping busy, given Galactus has gotten closer in the last 14 days. Some leakers say that when he gets closer, the gravity will be affected a lot. None can see Galactus in the sky or under the island as he seems to be flying under the radar efficiently.

So the must-thing that you should do is to keep preparing any requirements that you will need to attack Galactus. Then, do you already know what requirements you may need? Make sure to prepare all of them as follow:

  1. You need to download the 14.60 Fortnite update if you want to join the Galactus event. You can go to the Fortnite app and load the game on your device to download right now.
  2. You have to be at least 60 minutes in Fortnite before this event begins. The playlist is also expected to go live 30 minutes. Of course, the Fortnite servers absolutely will be busy and there is a chance you can miss out on this big event when this event comes.
  3. You also need to download the Houseparty as the video-chat app which has been acquired by Epic Games. While attending this event, you really can do live-chat in Fortnite so downloading the Houseparty app on their device is a must.
  4. You are recommended to record during the Galactus event that is going on Fortnite. That’s because the event will not have any replays when it is over which means it’ll be a one-time event. Once you record this big event, you can share your experience to your friends through streaming on your social platform. In this case, Epic Games also ask content creators or Fortnite streamers to follow their guideless to create the best possible experience.

Those are what you should notice for the Galactus event. Let’s prepare right now!

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