How Do You Get Fortnite Bots

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As the Fortnite Chapter 2 has been launched, there are a number of major changes to the game, including the arrival of bots. for those who have been playing the new release, you might have noticed some really awful players. In the past, these kinds of things were called as bots by streamers but in Fortnite Chapter 2, that is the factual statement, and not just an insult.

Those machine powered opponents are generated by the game to fill matches, making sure the players are able to be placed on the island only with opponents who are around the same skill level. Aside from that, newly added to Fortnite are fishing poles, which are able to be used to get bots.

Epic Games announced the addition of bots weeks ahead of the actual release of Fortnite Chapter 2, so you may have forgotten about it. Since they did not release Patch Notes with the release of what is essentially Season 11, you may not have really known that bots are now in the game.

Even though the developer of Fortnite called Epic Games said that would function in a method similar to human players. All of them will behave the same way the normal players do and will provide the better patch for players to grow in skill. They will work in conjunction with the new mathmaking system, and as your skill improves, you will face fewer bots. they will not be there in Competitive playlists. It is another system that the developer Epic Games will continue to update and iterate.

Then, how do you get Fortnite bots? In general, it is very easy to spot those machine opponents in Fornite Battle Royale, especially the ones in low-skill matches. Every bot has a tendency to mindlessly harvest materials, run aimlessly in the building corners, and make erratic movements you would expect from a human. Aside from that, recently added to the game is fishing, that works in a manner similar to fishing in another well-known game called Minecraft. The players are able to find barrels of fishing poles lying all over the place. They take up the backpack slot like the firearm but are only intended for use in the many new lakes and rivers of the game.

Apparently, those two new additions are able to be combined. There is a possibility to fish for bots by casting the lure directly on the bots. then, the lure will attach and allow the player to reel the bot in the decent distance before dropping them, making it possible to drag them into the trap, bring them near the different opponent, or simply bring them closer for the easy kill.

It has been known that the capability was recently shared in the viral Fortnite video that shows te fishing pole being used as a way to drag a bot into a trap. If nothing else, the strategy provides a silent method to eliminate the enemy without wasting any ammo.

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