How Does Fortnite Matchmaking Work in Squads

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Today, do you already know the newest awesome feature from Fortnite? The awesome featiure of Fortnite is released for some time ago, not long time. So, it is so normal if you really do not know what the newest feature of Fortnite. To know the awesome feature, of course, by keep staying on this page, you will get it in a bundle.

Epic Games has announced for some time ago for about a latest gorgeous feature that help for competitive players to have a server with the players in a same skill. It means that Epic Games offers a space for anyone who has a higher-great skill to have Battle in a same place or server. Of course, it can help best players to increase and know their skill when they are having battle with players who have a same skill.

In this case, Epic Games prioritize this latest feature for Streamers, competitive players and content creators. This is because they are involved as the best players in Fortnite. The new gorgeous feature in Fortnite is called as Matchmaking. On the other hand, this feature will make the people easy in getting into a game/lobby in Fortnite Battle Royale. Of course, without this feature, you will not be queued up with when starting a game of Battle Royale because you cannot join with competitive player to have a battle.

For beginning, the custom Matchmaking was used for the larger tournaments officially affiliated with Epic Games and Fortnite. Later, this feature just allows the group of people from support a-creator program to get access. And later, just more people from support a creator program are accepted.

Then, how does Fortnite Matchmaking Work in Squad? Due to have a battle in a same server just can be done by Matchmaking, definitely, it can be better to make a squad inside. Of course, by making the squad, you will get an easy way to have battle with anyone with same skill.

In squad, the Matchmaking system will work same as the other game modes such as Solo, Duo, Arena Solo, Arena Duo or LTM mode. In this skill-based matchmaking feature, the players are allowed to join the matches with opponents that have the same game knowledge and also mechanical skill as they have. Those are generally estimated through the players’ match stats and history.

In this system, the players will take into their account statistic like number of wins, percentage, average placing, average kills per game and how many times the matches played. Of course, the existence of all factors can be a parameter into the measurement of a players’skill level. Besides, by Matchmaking feature, the players must be taken into their account to calculate a number that will be a player’s skill rating later.

To have a same game, ensure that you have the same option as the custom host, they are:

  • Select the same server region in the game setting, for example EU, NA East, NA West, Asia and many more.
  • Select the correct game mode such as Solo, Duo, Squad, Arena Solo and many more.

Those will be typed in the same custom Matchmaking key.

Please, increase your skill to get a chance of playing in this gorgeous feature. Good Luck, Dude!!!

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