How Does Fortnite Pay Tournament Winners

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Fortnite holds Fortnite tournament regularly for those who love Fortnite. All the winners who won the tournament held by Fortnite will get the reward. The question is, how does Fortnite pay tournament winners?

Fortnite has since launched the new system at the Competitive page of Epic Games and invited the first three weeks of Fortnite World Cup Online Open winners to started the eligibility and tax verification or payment process.

The new system actually makes it easier to update your personal information compared to the old one. You are able to see which events you participated in and earned prizes, as well as any tax withholding.

Once a certain player has been successfully verified, the payment partner of Epic Games called Hyperwallet, will send an Account Activation email to that player, or if a minor, to the panet of legal guardian of the player whose information was provided in the tax verification step. The payment partner allows Epic Games to scale the number of payments that is able to be processed. Once you successfully set up the account of Hyperwaller, you will be allowed to see the status of any payments that have been released and the available options for transferring funds.

Please take a note that verification of player information takes time. The process of verification could be harder as some countries may have additional verification requirements. Aside from that, there might be some issues that hold the verification process. The most common one player face with the new system is providing the incorrect parent or legal guardian information for a minor. This thing causes a tax verification delay or rejection by the payment verification process of Hyperwallet. In this case, please make sure to double check any parent or legal guardian information entered before submitting.

For those who won a prize in a tournament prior to April 2019, you will still have to continue using the existing payment flow. The agents of Player Support have started actively reaching out to any players who have yet to submit payment information to help them through the process. In order to track folks down, Epic Games is sending an email to all accounts associated with a winning EpicID who have not submitted the needed information or who have yet to be paid. In the email, they are including specific instructions regarding payment next steps, as well as the contact information for a the agent of Player Support to help guide you through the process.

Aside from that, Epic Games is also sending in-game messages through the Gift Box system in order to inform players which email address they have to check to continue the payment process. Every player who became eligible for a prize from an event that happened after April 1, 2019, will be allowed to use the improved payment process described above once they become available. For further information of how does Fortnite pay tournament winners, feel free to visit the official website of Epic Games.

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