How Long Does It Take to Gift a Skin in Fortnite?

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Your friend said that he has sent a skin as a gift to you but until now you have not received it yet. Then, you may think that he’s a liar. Slow down, Dude! However, it will take a few times for you to receive the gift from your friends. It means that the gift won’t suddenly appear on the receipt screen.

Generally, the time from sending to receiving a gift will vary from person to person. So, if you do not receive a gift from your friends for a long time, please be patient. So, how long does it take to gift a skin in Fortnite?

How Long Does It Take to Gift a Skin in Fortnite?

Receiving the gift will take about 10 minutes even more. Mostly, a Fortnite player will receive a gift from their friends no more than 10 minutes. But there are some players who receive the gift for a longer time after their friends send gifts to them. However, that’s a common issue in which everyone will have a different time to receive a gift.

In fact, there are a lot of Fortnite players who complained on some gaming forums related to the gifting. They surely gripe that they do not receive the gift from their friends more than 24 hours even if they have been friends more than 48 hours. Of course, the pending gift can be caused by some factors.

Let’s find out what causes the gift which is pending!

In case you want to receive a gift from your friends but it does not show. Of course, it can be caused by some issues either internal factor or external factor. Well, if the gifts are not appearing, you can try to restart Fortnite. Generally, the gift fails to appear as the Fortnite’s system issue. So better for you to restart the Fortnite app as soon as possible after your friend told you that he has sent the gift to you.

Another cause which makes your gift pending is when you try to give an item to a player who already has that item. Besides, you are not allowed to send a gift more than 3 times with 5 gifts/user. If you want to send a gift to other friends but you exceed the limit, of course you have to wait for 24 hours. Then, you’ll fail in sending a gift if you and your friend have not been friends at least 3 days.

The rare cause but don’t forget is in which your friend sends a gift to the wrong person, not to you. However, it can be a normal cause when your friend chooses the wrong person in the list. Of course, you can confirm to your friends whether the person who is sent a gift is you or not. If so, you absolutely wait for an empty jackpot, don’t you?

How to gift a skin to your friends?

You definitely want to gift a skin to your friends after enabling the 2FA feature on your account. Of course, sending a skin as a gift to your friends will take some ways that you should do. Well, to ease you sending a skin to your friends, make sure to follow the ways. Here they are:

  • Firstly, go to the Fortnite Item Shop from the main lobby screen.
  • Choose one of the featured items from it.
  • Then, two options will appear  for “Purchase Items” and “Buy As A Gift”.
  • Choose the “Buy As A Gift” option.
  • Then, you will be required to choose the friends from the friends list.
  • Select at least one receipt who you want to send the skin.
  • After that, press the button to continue.
  • In this way, you can also type an additional message if you want and choose the color of the gift box. Click on the Send button.
  • Congratulations! You are done to gift a skin to your friends.

Well, anytime your friends open and play Fortnite, they actually will get a message which says “someone wonderful sent you a gift.” Then, the gift can be opened by pressing the button at the screen. To note, sending a gift to your friends is currently limited to skin, emotes, outfits and other cosmetic items. Then, you cannot also send a gift for a Battle Pass item at this time.

How to add friends in Fortnite? Perhaps, not all players really recognize how to add friends in Fortnite. Here’s how:

  • Click on the silhouette button in the corner of the lobby screen.
  • Then,your friends list will appear.
  • You can press the silhouette with the “+” sign next to it.
  • Look for your friends through their Epic username.
  • After your friend’s connection is made, the gifting process will work well.

Once again, make sure that you already enable the 2FA features on your Epic Games account. Without enabling the 2FA, we guarantee that you can’t gift any items to your friends.

Do you already know how to enable the 2FA feature? If yet, please follow our steps in enabling the Two-Factor Authentication below!

  • Firstly, go to the official Epic Games site at .
  • Once you access the site, log into your Fortnite account
  • After that, you need to open account settings at the top right of the screen.
  • Find Two-Factor Authentication Menu by scrolling the page down.
  • Here, you can see three methods to enable the 2FA, they are
  1. Enable Authenticator App
  2. Enable SMS Authentication
  3. Enable Email Authentication.
  • Choose one of the methods or you can try one-by-one if needed.
  • Here, you can follow for the next steps until you get a security code over a short period of the time.
  • Moreover, the security code here will be sent to you depending on the verification method that you can choose in your account settings.
  • When you already receive the security code, there is none who can login to your account even if they have your email and password to log in.
  • Finally, enabling the 2FA on your Epic Games account is successfully done.

Well, make sure to not miss a step above if you want to succeed in enabling the 2FA.

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