How Long is Fortnite Maintenance

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Fortnite servers always go down for maintenance at least once a week. Usually, Epic Games deploys game updates that will change the way the players to play Fortnite game. Another Fortnite server maintenance is when the Fortnite v9.20 update was released. At first, Epic games said that their servers would go down at 3am CT this Thursday. The players of Fortnite are still waiting for the servers to be back online.

Epic Games turned off the servers just before 9am BST on the morning because they roll out the new content update and perform several maintenance on the game of Fortnite. The players were unable to log into matchmaking on the game in the morning, with other services turning off in the following minutes. Usually, Epic Games are quick at pushing through updates, with most maintenance downtime lasting between one and three hours. It means that Fortnite should be back online by 11am BST (7am ET).

Apparently, Epic Games would be bringing in a new SMG to Battle Royale, with some bug fixes which have emerged from the new Season 5 update. The players have been grinding through the ranks to reach Legendary status since the Season 5 launch on July 12. When the day Week 2 challenges are dropped onto Fortnite, giving the players a brand new set of tasks to work through to grind through the Battle Tiers and get the Legendary skins. We get information that Fortnite downtime for v9.20, as well as for other updates, should last about 2 hours. The servers of Fortnite may be back up sooner or later than that. However, the updates which are implemented with no further harm to other Epic Games services take about 2 hours. Afterwards, all PC, PS4, and Xbox One servers that were down should be activated again.

What can you do during server downtimes? Of course, you cannot play the game of Fortnite during downtimes, since there are no active servers to connect you to other players. A good idea is to leave your game client open on PC. Or simply, just leave your console ready to install updates once you know Fortnite servers are going down. You will be able to download the new patch which will update your game while servers are down so that you are able to get back to action quickly when they are back up.

Where you can check Fortnite’s server status? If you do not get the information about Fortnite server downtime in social media, so you are able to check Epic Games Public Status page for more information about what’s going on. Please remember that for newly discovered issues, Epic Games may take a while to confirm the issue and update the page. Besides, that is also where Epic will notify the players once the systems are operational again. If you found that Fortnite servers are down, it is likely due to a game update. Please take a break and then leave your game ready to update. Try again in a few hours.

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