How Many Bots in Fortnite

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Those who have played the game called Fortnite Chapter 2 already will know there are many bots found in every game. Are you curious how many bots in Fortnite? The good news is that there is a well-known Youtuber named Alastair Ali A Aiken has revealed a really helpful trick to count how many bots in Fortnite. Here is the detail to check the amount of bots in Fortnite.

The developer of Fortnite known as Epic Games confirmed ahead of their game’s latest main update that bots would be added, that sparked a number of different reactions from the community at that time, but they have no doubt helped fill up games a lot of faster compared to the previous one.

That being said, it is sometimes unclear as to whether or not your are facing up against literal bots or been matched up in games with players with a lower skill level. So, all the tricks from that YouTuber mentioned above should really come in handy for working that out.

The well-known Internet personality, who is popular for his viral Youtube videos playing Pokemon Go, Call of Duty and many other ones, uploaded a video to his channel on October 23 tackling the issue of bots in Fortnite.

Starting out on the spawn island, the Youtuber stood around just staring at the other characters for a few moments, before exiting back out to the pre game lobby. From that place, he went to Replay Mode and used the drone camera to look around.

He said the easiest way to see on respawn island is to boot up the replay file because everyone is in one place. All that you have to do is to go onto the camera options and if you head across to nameplates, turn that one on.

Ali A added that once that is on, you are able to then go into drone free, turn on the heads up display, and it is where you are going to start doing some testing. In case you see a name above the skin of someone, the guy is a human. If you do not see a name above the head of someone, they are a robot. The thing is 100% confirmed.

This trick lets you to see once you have zoomed out, just how many bots are starting up in every game. This one will give you a good idea of the proportion between people playing and robots. Using the method, Ali A found that those proportions are actually really random. For instance, one match he had a significant amount of bots included, while the second test in the solos match involved no bots at all.

Then, once he had chosen an account that he has not played on as much as his main, he noticed that the number of bots being matched with hims was significantly higher. It suggests that the more you play, the fewer robots you are going to see show up in your games.

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