How Many Hype Points Do You Need for Champion (FNCS)?

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For those who want to know the information regarding how many hype points you need for FNCS, you are able to read this article until end as here we are going to talk about that. Before you are able to start grinding to reach the champions league, you have to know what you are actually after.


  • Victory Royale: You get 3 Hype points.
  • Reach Top 5. You will receive 2 Hype points.
  • Top 15: You will receive 2 Hype points.
  • Reach Top 25: You will receive 3 Hype Points.
  • Eliminations: Each kill will give you 1 Hype point.

When you begin to rise in ranks, you need to pay some Hype points to enter a game. It varies based on your rank. Your bus fare is three for the first divisions three, divisions four and five. It means that you are going to have to priorities different strategies as you progress.

When you progress through the ranks, you have to reach different amounts to level up.

  • Division 1 – You need zero hype, everyone starts here.
  • Division 2 – 25
  • Division 3 – 75
  • Division 4 – 125
  • Division 5 – 175
  • Division 6 – 225
  • Division 7 – 300


Now, you may want to know the way to get more hype points quicker for FNCS. You do not worry about that because here we are going also share its information. If you want to get more Hype points as quickly as possible, so you have to prioritize it over actually playing well. In this case, if you survive through to the top 5 spaces, you need to reach 7 Hype points and along with lots of kills you get. This is going to probably work out at somewhere between 8 and 12. But, you have to note that a typical Fortnite game is going to run down to the final 25 quickly as long as the bus route is right. It means that you will probably have gotten your first five of these points in the opening 4 – 6 minutes. If you want to prioritize Hype Points, you have to be aware of your limitations. The further into a game you are, so the more likely you are going to get eliminated.

When you are progressing through the first six divisions, you are going to reach earn points quicker by aiming for the top 25 and a few eliminations. Please taking out two or three players and getting to the top 25 is going to give you enough of boost to create the match worthwhile. After that point, you will not get as many Hype points to stay in that game because you would from launching into another. We think that it is not be the most satisfying way to play, but it is the quickest way to get more Hype points.

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