How Many Skins Are There in Fortnite 2020

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This is early 2020. For you who are Fortnite players, you may wonder what kind of skins and how many skins which will Fortnite releases in 2020. This information is important for Fortnite players since they do not want to miss having certain skins. As we know that Fortnite always releases awesome and unique skins. Also, this information is important for them because they can review what skin that they will buy or get when the skins are released.

Since it is early in 2020, so there is no information about the amount of skins that will be released by Fortnite in 2020 including what skins which will be released by Fortnite. However, according to Forbes site, there are some new Fortnite leaked skins from the V12.10 patch. Those skins are:

  • Contract Giller. This skin is like a spy. He wears a black suit with an orange fish head and a black sunglasses.
  • Professor Slurpo. This skin looks insane with blue and dark color outfit. His hair is also blue and wears a black mask.
  • Slurpentine. This skin is a female counterpart of Professor Slurpo. So, this skin has the same color as the male one.
  • Echo. This skin seems has two styles or it may be twins. It is still not clear. It is also not known yet whether this skin is a male of a female.
  • Farmer Steel. This skin looks like a farmer with a farmer hat. This skin is a male with a white beard on his chin.
  • Zina. This skin has tan skin with green hair. This skin is simple but you may not want to miss this skin to have.

There are some skins which are released in 2020. One of them is Oro skin. This skin is categorized into a Legendary skin. This skin is from the Midas’ Revenge set. In the Item Shop, this skin costs 2,000 V-Bucks when it is listed. The official description of this skin is “Golden treasure, and eternal obsession.” This skin was released on March 25th, 2020. If you buy this skin, you will get a Radiant Mantle back bling.

Last year, a Reddit user named w0lver1 has created a graphic which shows all Fortnite skins which have ever been released in the Item Shop, Battle Pass or Exclusive to certain platform or promotion since v9.10. Based on that graphic, it is known that:

  • There are 79 Legendary skins;
  • There are 160 Epic skins;
  • There are 95 Rare skins ;
  • There are 49 Uncommon skins;
  • There are 8 common skins;
  • There are two skins with a new rarity, Marvel in the Fortnite X Avengers Endgame collaboration.

Okay, that’s all some information that we are able to give to you regarding Fortnite skins. As we are able to see from the graphic from one of Reddit user that the amount of skins in Fortnite is more than 300 skins. Then in 2020, it seems that Fortnite will release new skins so that in 2020 the amount of Fortnite skins will increase.

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