How Much Does My Fortnite Account Cost

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You may think of selling your Fortnite account so that you want to know the cost or value of your Fortnite account. However, it is important for you to know that selling Fortnite account violates the terms of service of Epic Games. So, you are not able to sell it for your safety. But, you can count the value of you account just for knowing how worth your account is.

If you want to know the cost of your Fortnite account, you are able to count it by using Fortnite account value calculator. The online tool that you can use for knowing the cost of your Fortnite account is  Player Auctions which can be accessed at In the site, you will be able to see a form which consist of 8 boxes and you have to fill in the boxes.

You may not know what you should enter in each box so that here we provide you the explanation of each box.

  • In the first box, it is Edition. Epic Games released a lot of editions of the game. This is a factor in the calculation of the price. In this box, you must choose the one edition that applies to the account in question. When you click on the drop down button of Edition box, there will some options including Free to Play, Founder’s Pack, Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Super Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, and Ultimate Edition.
  • In the second box, it is Level. In this box,  the concern is  with the levels you got throughout the competitive seasons. If you have got level 10 on one season and 30 the next, the account level will be in 130.
  • In the third box, it is V-Bucks. Fortnite players know that V-Bucks is the premium currency and it can be bought with real money. Due to this reason, any amount of V-Bucks which are left in the account will affect the cost of your account.
  • In the fourth box, it is Battle Pass Tier. Battle Pass offers rewards free pass owners do not have access to. It has tiers which depend on how many Battle Stars you have got and each tier will reward different things.
  • In the fifth, sixth, seventh and eight box, those are # of Uncommon Skins, Rare Skins, Epic Skins, and Legendary Skins box. This i probably the most important information which the calculator ask to you. Skins are a big draw to the account you are selling or buying and their rarity can affect the cost of your account considerably. If your account has more rare skins, it will not be worth as much as those with more epic or legendary skins.
  • At last, there is Final Question. This question asks you whether the name can be changed. The answer of this question is only two including Yes and No. This is an indicator of whether or not the name was changed recently since display names can only be changed once every two weeks.

If you have entered all boxes, then you have to hit the Calculate the Account Value Now button and then you will be able to see the results of your estimated cost of your Fortnite account at the top of the form.

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