How Much XP Do You Get in Fortnite for a Solo Win

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When you play Fortnite, you may be a little bit confused since you want to level up and you have to collect XP. You do not know how much XP that you get in the game so that you do not know when you will level up.

As we know that Fortnite Battle Royale gives XP to the players for each game that they play. This XP will go towards the level of the player. It means that it will permit you to be able to unlock various cosmetics such as skins styles and Battle Stars. XP can be gained by a lot of ways and here are they.

  • Searching Ammo Chests will give you 713 XP.
  • Eliminating opponents will give you 956 XP.
  • Searching Chests will give you 806 XP.
  • Assisting elimination will give you 756 XP.
  • Hitting 5 weak spots when harvesting will give you 36 XP.
  • Playing a match XP will give you various XP per game mode.

Also, you are able to earn XP from various missions that Fortnite provides. Missions can come weekly and sometimes there is additional one as well.  If you are able to complete missions, you will be given 12,500 XP per challenge completed. Playing Team Rumble is one of the best way that you can do to get a lot of XP because you will have unlimited lives and can get a lot of tasks.

In the table below, we have some information that you need to know XP rates for playing Solo in Fortnite Battle Royale. For your information, most of these rates apply to DUOs and Squads as well. You are able to earn XP from kills, placement and survival time.

Kills XP Bonus







20 XP

40 XP

60 XP

80 XP

100 XP

50 XP






From the list above, we can conclude that you can get 50 XP for your first kill and you will get subsequent 20 XP for every kill after that.

Placement XP



11th- 20th


300 XP

200 XP

100 XP

25 XP


Placement is the position at which you finish the game and winning a game of Fortnite will yield you 300 XP.

Survival Time XP Storm
2:19 minutes

5:06 minutes

6:04 minutes

9:23 minutes

12:33 minutes

18:10 minutes

19:37 minutes

24:03 minutes

17 XP

51 XP

85 XP

136 XP

187 XP

138 XP

238 XP

238 XP

Pre 1st Storm

Pre 1st Storm

1st Storm

Pre 2nd Storm

2nd Storm

Pre 4th Storm

The maximum XP that you can earn is 238 XP and it seems to kick around 18 minutes.

If you want to win in Solo, you have to a lot of XP. From the information above, you may be able to estimate how XP that you can get from the things that you do in the game. For more information about this, you are able to visit some forums and then discuss it with other Fortnite players there.

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