How Much XP to Level Up in Fortnite Chapter 2

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In Fortnite, XP is Experience Points and this is a type of progression in the game. If you are able to get enough XP, you will be able to level up and each level will give you Battle stars. XP is also used to be able to unlock additional styles for certain skins. So, how much XP do we need to be able to level up in Fortnite Chapter 2? Then, how to be able to level up fast?

How Much XP To Level Up?

Each level needs different XP. It varies between levels 1 to 7. However, if you have hit 8, you will have to earn 80,000 experience per level. In the list below, you are able to see the XP that you need in each level in Fortnite Chapter 2.

  • 1: 10,000 – Total: 0
  • 2: 20,000 – Total: 10,000
  • 3: 30,000 – Total: 30,000
  • 4: 40,000 – Total: 60,000
  • 5: 50,000 – Total: 100,000
  • 6: 60,000 – Total: 150,000
  • 7: 70,000 – Total: 210,000
  • 8 – 99: 80,000 – Total: 280,000 – 7,610,000

How To Earn XP?

How to get XP in Fortnite? Actually, there are a lot of ways that you are able to do in the game to earn XP. To get XP is not only based on eliminations or surviving throughout the round. Here are the ways that you can do to earn XP.

  • Explore the Map

You are able to get 2,000 XP for each Landmark and Named location you discover. It will add up to be quite a bit of XP since there is a lot of different Landmarks on the map.

  • Challenges

You have to make sure that you complete all of the challenges. The challenges come in the form of weekly missions and you are able to earn 14,000 XP for each one you complete. Each week has 11 objectives that you can complete so you are able to get 154,000 XP by finishing them. But, there is a new information that future challenges are going to give 54,000 XP for each completion and it means that you can get 594,000 XP a week.

  • Bonuses In The Game

Basically, you will be able to get XP from everything that you do in the game. Whether you hit a certain amount of bullseyes while harvesting or getting an elimination, you will get XP from it.

How To Level Up Fast?

After you know how much XP that you need and how to get XP, now you also need to know how to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 2. Here, we have some tips for you.

  • Play Team Rumble

This is the best way that you can do to earn a lot of XP. In Team Rumble, you will be guaranteed to be able to survive until the end. It means that you will get a lot for each round you play plus all the additional combat experience that you will get.

  • Complete All Challenges

You will earn 594,000 XP if you can complete a week of the challenges. So, completing all of your challenges is a must.

  • Last Longer in Matches

If you are longer in a match, you will get more kills to get so you will get more XP.

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