How Old is My Fortnite Account

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How long have you played games in Fortnite? You may have been a player of Fortnite since long time ago and you do not remember when. If you want to know when you start joining Fortnite, there is a way that you can and here we are going to inform you about it.

If you want to know when you start join Epic Games or Fortnite so that you know how old your Fortnite account is, you are able to check it by seeing in your email. Check the first email from Epic Games in your Inbox and find email that is sent to you from Epic Games which asked you to verify your email. It is the time when you joined Fortnite. Here are the steps to check it.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to access your Gmail or whatever email that you use for making Epic Games account. On Gmail, you have to login by entering your email and password.
  • When you are in your gmail click on Inbox and you need to type ‘Epic Games’ in the search box. Then, scroll down to find the first email from Epic Games which contains of asking you to verify your email.
  • If you have scrolled down and you cannot find it, you can go to another page. Then, when you are in the next page, you can scroll down again and find the first email from Epic Games.
  • So, if you have scroll down and then you find an email from Epic Games which says ‘Your Epic Games Account Has Been Created’, it means that it is the time when you created the Epic Games account. In that email, you can see the date of the email. If you want to know more the content of the email, you are able to click on it to read the whole email from Epic Games about confirming that your account has been created.

So, that’s the steps to find out when you make your Fortnite account so that you will know how old your Fortnite account is. So, how long have you been a player in Fortnite? You are able to count it after you find out when you join Fortnite through the steps that we explained above.

During you play Fortnite so far, what things have you achieved in the game? If you think that you play the games badly, then since now you are able to improve your gameplay. You need to know more information related to Fortnite such as strategy to land, how to shoot well and precisely, how to build, and many more. You are able to find tips to improve playing the game so that you can be better in Fortnite.

But, if you think that you have achieved a lot of things and you think that you are very good in playing Fortnite, don’t be arrogant since there may be other people who are greater than you. So, keep improving your skill and good luck!

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