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 What do you think about Poised Playmaker skin in Fortnite Goalbound Set? She is cool, isn’t it? She has tan skin with football uniform so she looks so sporty. If you like this skin, you are able to buy it when it is listed in the Item Shop of Fortnite. But, how old is this skin? Was this skin released long time ago?

Poised Playmaker skin is categorized into a Rare skin in the Goalbound set. You are able to buy this skin when it is listed in the Item Shop and the cost of this skin is 1,200 V-Bucks. If you buy this skin, you will be able to have a lot of different choices and it is based on the country that will give you different designs and colors. There are about 32 variations based on the colors of various national flags. Also, you are able to set the number on the back to whatever you want but the number must be in two or less digits. So, you are able to choose among 0 to 99. The official description of this skin is “Represent your country in style!”.

The Look of Poised Playmaker Skin

This skin is a female soccer player skin and as mentioned earlier that you can change the outfit to represent various countries. If you choose a nation to represent a country for this skin, it can affect the skin tresses pattern and colors among the long list of selection. This skin is a beautiful girl with brown bunned hair. For your information, you can also find a nation named “Fortnite” and it represents the default color theme and patterns of the skin. It is important for you to know that the list of selectable styles does not include the full list of participating nations that played during the 2018 World Cup.

How Old Is Poised Playmaker Skin?

If you wonder about the age of this skin in Fortnite, it means you need to know when this skin was released on Fortnite. So, Poised Playmaker skin was released on June 15th, 2018. It was around the World Cup. So, in 2020, this skin has been 2 years in Fortnite.

Some Trivia About Poised Playmaker Skin

  • This skin is a favorite skin of fans because this skin is seen as a player with high skill.
  • Alina is her player model.
  • Decaying Dribbler is the undead counterpart of this skin. But, this skin unlike the other skins from the Dead Ball set, uses a different character models than her counterpart.

Other Cosmetics In The GoalBound Set

There are 11 cosmetics in the Goalbound set. Besides this Poised Playmaker skin, there are also other skins in this set and those are Super Striker, Stalwart Sweeper, Midfield Maestro, Finesse Finisher, Dynamic Dribbler, Clinical Crosser, and Aerial Threat. For glider, there is a Goalbound glider. And for harvesting tools, there are Vuvuzela and Elite Cleat in this set. If you want these items, you can buy them when they are available.

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