How Rare is Mako Glider

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Gliders are not considered as the most exciting cosmetic items available in Fortnite. Rather gliders, players are drawn to the more interesting items like skins. Due to this fact, there are some of the rare gliders that were pretty much ignored upon release.

A lot of players of Fortnite do not own rarest gliders. A lot of them are now unobtainable in Fortnite. it means that if the players were not around when they were first released, they have probably missed the chance to get them forever.

One of the rarest gliders is called Mako. The Fortnite Mako glider was known as one of the original Season 1 reward, giving players of Fortnite who hit the necessary level a bit of extra flair during their fall down to the island. Also being called as Shark glider, this one has attracted a lot of fans, despite its relatively simplistic design. Compared to some of the later-developed outfits such as the Royale Dragon that is sold for $20, it symbolizes a simpler time, where glider customization was subtle. For everyone who wants a more refined design, this one is likely at the top of the lists. Unfortunately, Fortnite Mako glider comes with some limitations.


How rare is Mako glider? Just like a lot of the Season 1 unlocks, Fortnite Mako glider is rare because it was featured early into the lifespan of the game and before the game really took off. At the time, the seasonal shop worked differently compared to the battle pass now, so many players did not bother getting all of the exclusive gear at the time. It means there were only fewer players actively trying to collect skins. Basically, cosmetic unlocks simply were not as big of a deal as they are now. Aside from that, this glider is pretty boring looking, in particular, so it is clear to see why a lot of players do not have the glider or do not use it in matches very often.

As stated before, there are some rare gliders in Fortnite. Mako glider is just one of them. Aside from Fortnite Mako glider, some of the rarest Fortnite gliders are Rainbow Glider, Double Helix, Rhinestone Rider, Cozy Coaster, The Intrepid, Aerial Assault 1, Royal X, Get Down, Sir Glider the Brave, Snowflake Umbrella, Pivot, High Octane, Discovery Glider, The Dark Engine, and so on. It is such a shame that a lot of players will not get the chance to try these gliders out, but it makes the players who have one sitting around the inventory feel more special.

Fortnite Mako glider was accidentally added back to the shop recently but removed pretty quickly. It means there is a small chance of the accident to happen again in the future. If the time comes, you are able to grab it quickly unless you will not be able to see the glider again. For more information about Fortnite Mako glider, do not forget to visit the official website of Epic Games.

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