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As a fan of Faze Ewok, you may wonder how tall she is. However, she is the first deaf girl who is in the esports organization named Faze Clan and gave her joining announcement in sign language. However, it is such a proof and motivation for anyone, even though she has hearing deficiency, but she still proves that she can be a pro-competitive Fortnite player now.

How Tall is Ewok Fortnite?

According to @Ewok account on Twitter, she definitely mentioned that she is 5 ft 4 in. For the girl, with the number of her tall, she is included as a tall girl with her age at 15 years old. Of course, many fans now are not curious anymore because Ewok has confirmed her tall on her official Twitter account.

Biography of Ewok

Once you know how tall Ewok is, you may also wonder about her personal information. Well, in this chance, we will guide you to know more about her.

  • Name: Soleil Wheeler
  • In-game name: Ewok
  • Born: September 18, 2005 (age 15)
  • Country of Birth: United States
  • Nationality: United States
  • Region: NAE (North America East)
  • Team: Faze Clan
  • Role: Player
  • Competitive IDs: Faze Ewok
  • Power Rankings in All: 400
  • Power Rankings in 2019: 400

Social Media of Faze Ewok

History of Faze Ewok in Fortnite

As a professional Fortnite player who has earned over 310,000 followers on Twitch, she finally joined the Faze Clan as the group’s first ever female member. Before fame, the oldest video on Twitch saved her account from December of 2018.

She started playing Fortnite in Season 4 which began on May 1, 2018. As of March 2019, according to Fortnitetracker, she ranked top 25 in the world and top in her home country as both results from Solo mode. Conclusion, she made over 327 wins.

On March 7, 2019, TimTheTatman as a popular streamer hosted her stream and prompted an emotion and understandably shocked response as thousands of Tim’s viewers began watching her stream. Then, the next day, a special guest named Kurt Benkhert as an American Football quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League and also streamer watches her stream.

Then, the next day again, Mizkif visits to support her and shares his views to make her receive hundreds of subscriptions. Then, a couple of Team SoloMid members including Chicam, Slappie and Wintrrz supported her and played a couple games with her including Epic Games employees and a few Twitch staff watching his stream.

On April 23, 2019, she signed his first talent agency named Abrams Artist Agency who has leading clients like Hollywood actors, authors and other professionals. On May 8, 2019, She received a partnership from Twitch. Other members of Faze Clan, Megga, Ninja, Kurt Benkert, Jordan Fisher as Hollywood stars and some of her followers joined to celebrate her. Then, the next day, Ninja showed her assumed-first American Sign Language work for Ewok to say “Hello”.

On May 20, 2019, a popular news for Deaf community named Daily Moth have interviewed her for the first time include subtitle translated from sign languages in the video. While, Kurt Benkhert also named who team-up with her as duw squad in Fortnite or Fortnite World Cup Tournament.

On May 25, 2019, a member of Faze Clan, Apex showed his impression on her playing Fortnite in the video. On June 4, 2019, DrLupo, Ninja and Chap of Team Liquid joined her to play Fortnite in Twitch’s feature named new squad mode

On June 16, 2019, she and her partner Kurt appeared on Celebrity Summer Block Party as a Pro Am event in Inglewood, California. They competed against other 49 teams, somehow one of two events that she did not participate in the Creative Showdown event.

A month later after the previous Pro-Am event, she again appeared on this event but with a new partner Jordan Fisher. However, this event was a part of the World Cup event which took in Queen, New York as a burrow of New York City. After this event, she and her partner finished 25th place and finally received $20,000 again.

Then, a day after the World Cup Pro-Am Event, the Faze Clan team welcomed her to be part of their team, also the first girl historically. Of course, many fans of Ewok, Deaf Community, girl gamers and also FaZe team members including a deaf star who won America’s next Top Model and Dancing of the Star Shows, Nyle Dimarco also joined her for the big celebration.

Later, she was telling her fans that the FaZe team now added American Sign Language emoji that means “I Love You” on their official Twitter account to help the awareness for Deaf community. The next day, she finally reached for 100,000 followers on her Twitter.

 On November 14, 2019, she finally left Twitch for Mixer as well as received a partnership. And On June 22, 2020, she announced to leave Mixer after Mixer shutdown announcement on the same day.

Now, she is in Faze Clan, well-known as one of the biggest esports organizations in Fortnite. Of course, joining with Faze Clan is such an honour for her at once a proof that she totally can play Fortnite games better than the normal players do. Even though she has a hearing deficiency, to be a pro-competitive Fortnite player is not a hitch for her.

Ewok’s YouTube Video list

You also wonder how many videos on her YouTube channel have been uploaded until now. She currently has more than 143K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Then, you definitely can access her Fortnite videos on YouTube at

Of course, once you visit her channel, you finally can see many videos of her gameplay of Fortnite game. A total of Ewok’s videos are about 98 videos which have been uploaded. So, here are some of Ewok’s Videos on YouTube:

  • Switching to Controller..
  • 18 Kills in Solo Squad
  • Which thiccest skins are pay to win?!
  • 24 hours as a henchman
  • reaching for the stars
  • video entitled “ewok | Highlights from #1-#20”

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