How to Add Fortnite to AMD Radeon Settings

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AMD Radeon Settings allows the players of Fortnite to adjust image quality and the level of detail in the games.  Reaching an optimal gaming experience need balancing visual quality and performance as the higher visual quality is able to impact the performance. Generally, the default driver settings offer the best mix of visual quality and performance, for most players.

In this article, we are going to show you how to optimize AMD Radeon settings for Fortnite with the best setting ever. It means that you are going to know how to add Fortnite to AMD Radeon settings. The first thing that you have to do is to download and install AMD drivers on your PC. When it installed, please be sure that it is working properly and the helper tools option appeared while you are right-clicking. When it works, then you have to perform the settings for performance, speed, and quality.


Step 1

When the driver installed successfully, then you can go ahead to set the settings for a game. Please, right-click and select the AMD Radeon settings.

Step 2

When the AMD window settings open, please be sure that you are using the latest update. Or simply you can update by checking for the new updates, when the updates downloaded go ahead and install it.

Step 3

When the AMD graphic updates successfully, now you can click on “Gaming” from the top menu bar. Then, click on “Games”, when the list of games opened. Now, you are able to set the settings for every game. In this case, you are going to set the setting of Fortnite.

Step 4

When the Fortnite setting window opened, you are able to click at Global Graphics. Then, you are able to select the Graphics Profile. Do not forget to increase the sharpness up to 80%. Please navigate to the Global Display and select the Radeon FreeSync, AMD optimized and leave other settings by default.

Step 5

When the Global graphics and Global Display settings performed, you are able to scroll down to advanced settings. Select Anti-Aliasing to override application settings. Then, Anti-Aliasing level should be 2X. You need also to enable the Anisotropic Filtering and Anisotropic Filtering Level should be 2X. Please select the Texture Filtering Quality into Performance. After that, you have to enable Surface Formant Optimization. Select the Tessellation Mode into override application settings. Next, you are able to select Maximum Tessellation Level into 8X. Leave other settings by default.

Step 6

You have to select Performance tab and click on Tuning. Next, simply you are able to click on Add game profile.

Step 7

When the list of games opened, you will see “Fortnite”, here you will select that. Once selected, please click on the “Add” option.

Step 8

When the game added, you have to go ahead and enable CPU Tuning. Then, increase Frequency up to 2. Besides, enable VRAM Tuning increase the frequency up to 1550. Enable FAN Tuning and enable Advanced Control. After that, increase Min Fan Speed up to 2500. Now, you can enable Power Tuning and increase Power Limit up to 50. At last when the setting performed, please click on Apply Changes on the top.

Step 9

When all settings are done properly, click on the Performance tab, and you will see all the changes.

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