How to Be a God at Fortnite (Pro Tips)

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If you are looking for how to be a god at Fortnite, so this article will help you through some of tips that you will need to employ to get better quickly. While you cannot get to an elite skill level right away, you are able to accelerate your early learning by using several of the tips described below.


You are going to have some that can pick up any game and be naturally good, but to become a master at a game you have to put in the time. The players like Ninja and Tfue have likely put in 1,000+ hours into the game each. For your information, Ninja was a pro Halo player and played in many competitive events. Now you are able to head into the Playground mode and work on your building. Please set aside 20 – 30 minutes a day to only focus on practicing your technique.


You have to find a set of keybinds that you think will work for you and do not change them. Having muscle memory on exactly what you need to press in every situation is really important once you are getting better at a game. If you change your binds a lot, so you will never build up that practice and you are goingto be slower than you could be.


While aim is certainly important in the game of Fortnite, building is even more important. Just about every time you get shot at you should be putting up a wall or throwing up a ramp. You need to build ramps to block any shots, when you are pushing against your enemy. When you get close you should be trying to build yourself above your opponent. After a fight, you have to protect yourself. Just about every gunfight situation you get into calls for building.

Editing is another key component to getting good, once you’ve mastered your ability to build proficiently, you will need to master editing. The good news for players now-a-days, is that there are specific maps made for practicing these skills. Head to our curated list of the best warm up courses for some practice options!


If you get killed, you do not get angry about it. Try to use an excuse to justify why it happened. Please look at it objectively and ask yourself: “What did I do wrong? What could I have done to win the fight?”.

Well, this is some tips that you can do to be a god at Fortnite. We hope you are able to get better on the game. In addition, if you have any question about this, just send us email. Or you are able also to join with forum in searching the way to be a god at Fortnite. On forum, there are many people who talk about the way to be the winner of the game of Fortnite.

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