How to Boost Your FPS in Fortnite (Improve Performance)

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You probably will be frustrated when you often get your FOS drops, won’t you? Of course, it makes your brain and heart so pain to accept the reality. However, FPS really determines your way of playing Fortnite. Indeed, this issue should be fixed to improve your performance on Fortnite. So, how to boost your FPS in Fortnite?

You may not know before that FPS really influences your game-play of Fortnite. It means that if your FPS get slow, automatically your performance of Fortnite will drop too. If you do not know the FPS, definitely it shorts for Frames Per Second which measures of how much information used to store and display the video motion. The measurement of FPS will determine how fast the video move.

So as for Fortnite game, this will be counted with FPS, is it fast or slow? However, it is so normal if you get your FPS slow. Surely, you are not the only one who experience for this issue. There are many Fortnite players who reported the same issue as well. Of course, this issue is not totally fateful but don’t ignore it either.

Certainly, you have to fix this issue to boost your FPS to improve your performance on Fortnite. Here are some awesome ways that probably will help you of fixing the trouble of FPS:

  • Check your PC

The first way that you have to do is by checking the specification of your PC. We emphasize that the minimun operating systems for Fortnite are Windows 7, 8, 10 with 64-bit or Mac OS X Sierra, memory 4GB RAM with Intel HD 4000.

  • Check your internet connection speed

However, the internet connection really influences your FPS. If internet connection speed is slow, automatically your FPS will drop soon. Certainly, you can check your internet connection speed on

  • Update your graphics driver

By updating your graphics driver, definitely you have to choose the true way to boost your FPS. The graphics drivers here are such as NVidia, Intel and AMD. Of course, those can be one of causes as your FPS getting slow. With new graphics driver, of course, they will fix the bugs and improve your gaming performance.

  • Install the latest Fortnite patch

As we know that the developer of Fortnite always release the game patches to fix the bugs. So, don’t waste your time to get the latest Fortnite patch to get rid of bugs on Fortnite. Definitely, you should follow the update news to get the latest patch of Fortnite.

  • Set your game-settings lower

If you do not want to get your FPS slow, it is so better for you to set your in-game settings lower. By reducing in-game graphics, you will exactly run your Fortnite smoothly again.

  • Set to high priority of Fortnite

Generally, you can repair this issue by trying to set the Fortnite settings to high priority in Task Manager. By doing this, automatically, you will success to improve your performance.

  • Adjust the Windows system and change the power plan of PC

The FPS drop is usually caused by power plan of PC that you use. If the configuration of PC is not balance, definitely Fortnite FPS may occur immediately.

Now, it is your turn to repair your PC to get best performance and boost your FPS fast.

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