How to Build Fast in Fortnite

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The spin of Fortnite on the Battle Royale genre is the ability to build on the fly and use whatever you have created to survive. This thing opens up a world of possibilities when you are facing an enemy and it often becomes a battle of building prowess over gun play. It is the player who are able to create an environment advantage the fastest or come up with creative method to destroy the setup of the enemy.

Aiming and shooting are two main components of taking out enemies, but putting yourself in a good position to win the duel is even more important. Building is not easy to get to grips with, so here is a page that consists of a guide that will clearly outline all the controls on whatever platform you have got Fortnite Battle Royale installed on.

Here are all the things that you need to remembers to build on PC:

  • Q: This one will bring you to the building menu instantly and defaults to build walls.
  • F1, F2, F3, F4: If you want to cycle through your building options (ramps, platforms, and so on), you can click these.
  • F5: You are able to place traps on almost any flat surface.
  • RMB: When you are in the building menu, all that you have to do is o simply right click to cycle through which material you are using.
  • G: If you want to edit the existing structure, you can press┬áthis. You are able to add doors, create ledges, and more.
  • R: This one is able to rotate a structure.

You are recommended to rebind your control scheme in order to make your building much faster. For ramps, walls, and flat platforms, here are rebind options to be the best so far:

  • Building option 1 (for wall): Q or E
  • Building option 2 (for platforms): F or V
  • Building option 3 (for ramp): F or V

As the alternative, you are able to try this setup for building options:

  • Building option 1 (for wall): Z
  • Building option 2 (for platforms): X
  • Building option 3 (for ramp): C

For those who have got a mouse with a  couple of side buttons, you are able to assign building options to them for some seriously fast building:

  • Building option 1 (for wall): Thumb Mouse Button 4
  • Building option 2 (for platforms): Thumb Mouse Button 2, or another key
  • Building option 3 (for ramp): Thumb Mouse Button 3

There are some tips and tricks that can help you to build a little bit faster. First, it is worth making sure your general mouse sensitivity is set up just right. If this one is set too low, you will find it harder to swing around in the circle and build around yourself in a hurry. Second, practice, practice, and practice. Do not think about winning a match and just focus on improving your building skill. Third, while the mouse button setup is able to be one of the most difficult to get used to, it is one of the fastest ways to build.

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