How to Catch a Can in Fortnite

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In one of Fortnite missions, there is a challenge that asked the players to catch a can. You are able to use this can against your enemy. To make you can catch a Can, you need to learn more about this challenge. So, you have to focus our attention if you want to know how to catch a can with precise details.

This is able to be something rare. Catching a can depends on how lucky you are. It is possible when you are fishing, you get one or not. What you have to do is using a fishing cove. Besides, you need also to look for a place which is active for fishing, unlike the places which are active; in these it is possible to find the weapons and healing fish. Certainly the non-active is able to give you us things, ammunition and the small fish.

We think it is normal to do not want this to be the fishing area. There is possible in about 20 attempts to find the can. It was predicted that the lake will not be ideal for this. But, it was the opposite, if you are able to be patient, so you are able to catch a can. Actually, anywhere it is going to be possible. The important thing is that you have to go to the lake area and with the fishing rod you are able to achieve lots of things, including a can.

Usually, you catch fish for healing and gaining shield. But, in this mission, you need to find some garbage in the water including a can. After you read this article, we hope you are able to catch a can in Fortnite correctly. So, make sure that you keep continue reading this article until end. When you get a can, you are able to heave it at your enemy to cross you. For your information, catching a can is a challenge which is part of the Meowscles Challenges in Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 2.

The issue with catching a can is rare catch. You are able to fish for a while and not ever get one, or you are able to fish once and get it. However, it all comes down to luck. As we said before that what you need to do to fish for a can in Fortnite is find a fishing pole, and you have to fish in a non-active fishing spot. There is active spot where people usually fish. You are able to get better the weapons and healing or shield fish from them. The non-active area of the water is able to still deliver things. It only tends to be fry fish and ammunition. You will be able to see what an active fishing location on the map.

As mentioned, you may need to fish quite a bit to catch a can. We think that you keep catching a can in the lake if you are patient. We get information that there are some players who are able to catch the can in the lake. It means that you are able to catch a can anywhere. We will also suggest you into Team Rumble and going to a lake area for finding a fishing pole and an easy place to do a bunch of fishing.

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