How to Catch Legendary Fish Fortnite

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To catch a Legendary fish in Fortnite is such a hard way to do. However, when you decide to catch a Legendary Fish in Fortnite, you definitely must have a Pro Fishing Rod. Then, if you have a regular Fishing Rod, it is a good time for you to upgrade it to Pro Fishing Rod.

How to Catch Legendary Fish in Fortnite

There are three kinds of Legendary Fish that you have to catch, they are Thermal Fish, MidaS Flopper and the Vendetta Flopper. Of course, all Legendary fish can be caught in any waters on the map. But, only Vendetta fish requires you to use a Pro Fishing Rod.

To catch one of them fast, you have to head to an island that will get used to a quick fishing rod, be able to access to upgrading the Regular Fishing Rod to Pro Fishing Rod and a whole lot of spawns to fish from.

Moreover, if you want to get the best location to complete this challenge, you definitely have to go to the island northwest of Craggy Cliffs. Well, there is a fishing hut on this island and underneath it is an upgrade bench. There, there are a couple of barrels to get fishing rods out of. Then, you can get a harpoon if you are lucky.

The harpoon here can be used to to save the players’ time in fishing activity. You may already know that fishing is a time-consuming activity in Fortnite. Well, if the players try fishing in Battle Royale mode, there is every opportunity in which a enemy will ruin your experience and steal your fish in the process.

Then, many Pro Fortnite players recommend completing this challenge in Team Rumble because after you pick up your fishing rod, you will immediately upgrade it without having to harvest anything. But, if you obtain a harpoon out of one of the barrels or from the ground loot, you definitely can use it for fishing faster. However, by using the Pro Fishing Rod, it will give you an opportunity to catch all three varieties of Legendary fish.

In addition, after you have your rod or harpoon, it is time to start circling the island. Then, fishing all of the hot spots which are in the water, Here, many fish will be jumping out of the water. You can fish them until they disappear and move onto the next one. There may be a bit of luck involved in how long it will take, but there are so many hotspots which you will get it fast.

How to Consume a Legendary Fish

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 6 offers you the challenge to consume a Legendary Fish. You may already know that this is one of the hardest challenges that you have to complete this week. Generally, to consume a Legendary fish will be difficult in finding the Legendary fish first. In this case, the Legendary Fish do not appear as like the other fish in Fortnite.

Generally, consuming a Legendary fish is totally hard because of some reasons. It is because there is no instant way to solve this challenge. It means that you need to put in the hard graft to keep fishing until you manage to reel in a Legendary fish. Then, to help you in your hunt for a Legendary fish, you can head to a named POI with a large body of water surrounding it.

Legendary fish are the orange version of every fish. It means that every Legendary fish will have an orange color. Of course, it will ease you to find a Legendary fish by paying attention to  its body. It is totally like Legendary weapons which are harder to stumble across.

Indeed, by consuming the Legendary fish, it will help you to replenish your health. If you manage to catch and consume a Legendary fish in completing the week 6 Season 4 Chapter 2, you definitely will gain 25,000 XP.

Then,once you have  catched a Legendary fish, it is time to consume it directly to get the rewards. Of course, the challenge of week 6 to catch and consume the Legendary Fish is finally done.

Where to Find the Legendary Fish

To find the Legendary Fish, there are some good spots to visit, they are Sweaty Sands, The Authority, Lazy Lake or Coral Castle. Generally, the Legendary fish can be found there.

You simply head there, then cast out and fish until you catch a Legendary fish. Keep in mind that you have to wait patiently because it may take a while for the fishing rods to catch a Legendary fish. It is recommended for you to head to multiple spots before you land the big catch.

Related to finding the Legendary fish in any spots in Fortnite water, of course there are not exact spots that we can tell you where the Legendary fish are located. But here, we just give you simple advice when you are looking for the Legendary fish.

All you need to do is a whole fishing activity. Certainly, it will take much time until you get the Legendary fish. To get the Legendary fish faster, you need to land somewhere by some water, ideally one of the larger bodies. After that, the next way is to find a barrel with a fishing pole in it. Get the pole and get to fishing. That’s it! Keep on fishing until you see a Legendary fish, and do your best.

Legendary Fish in Fortnite

You may not know yet how many Legendary fish that you can find in Fortnite. However, knowing all Legendary fish will ease you to complete the Week 6 challenge. Well, the Legendary Fish in Fortnite are divided into three types, they are:

  • Vendetta Flopper

The Vendetta Flopper is a Legendary Flopper that you can find in Fortnite: Battle Royale which marks the single nearest the enemy’s location like a shakedown or a Flare when consumed.

This fish is so different from the usual effect given by Floppers. The appearance of this fish is like that of Vendetta. Indeed, the Vendetta Flopper can be found if the player uses a Pro Fishing Rod.

  • The Thermal Fish

Thermal fish are a category of Fish found in Legendary rarity which provides 15 health and thermal vision like that on a Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle upon consuming. Moreover, the Thermal fish can always be consumed which is commonly found in Fishing Spots. The Thermal fish models are Green Thermal Fish,  Silver Thermal Fish, Raven Thermal Fish, Red and Green Thermal Fish and Purple and Orange Thermal Fish.

  • Midas Flopper

Midas Flopper is a Legendary Flopper fish in Fortnite Battle Royale which turns all of your inventory into Legendary rarity. The appearance of this Legendary fish is similar to Midas which has a spawn rate of 1%.

The Midas Flopper can be only found at The Authority’s Fishing Spots. Then, the Midas Flopper fish and Vendetta Flopper are so easy to catch there. Unfortunately, the odds of encountering the Midas Flopper and Vendetta fish are relatively very low.

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