How to Change Language in TianTian Emulator

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Do you need an emulator for playing Fortnite? If you need an emulator, you are able to use TianTian Emulator. TianTian is one of emulator from China and this emulator is in China. So, the language of this emulator is in China. But, can we change it to other languages? If we can, how to do it?

Some of you may not know what emulator is. Emulator is a hardware device or software program which allow on computer system to be able to imitate the functions of another computer system. It will enable the hist system to run software, tools, peripheral devices and other components which are designed for the guest system. There are some functions of emulator.

  • Emulator can be used for gaming. You are able to use emulator on your computer to make some games easier to play.
  • Emulator can be used for development. Usually developers of Android apps and game like to test apps and games on a lot of devices before they launch it. So, they will use emulator for this kind of work.
  • Emulator can be used for productivity. Any gaming emulator can work as productivity emulator to an extent.

One of emulators that you are able to use is TianTian. You are able to download this emulator by visiting the site at If you visit the site now, you will be able that to site is in blue and white color. It is also written than it is the best android emulator you can find, gamepad perfectly supported.

In the main page, you are able to click on Download button if you want to download this emulator. Now, the version is in 3.2.8 and the size is 4.97 M. The last update of this emulator was on 2019.8.7. The languages in the site are available in Chinese and English. So, if you are difficult to use the site in Chinese, you are able to change the language into English. In the site, you are able to change the language by clicking on the menu which is in the top right corner of the page. There is an option to change language whether you can set it as English or Chinese.

Now, TianTian can supports the Android 64-bit version. You are able to install and play android 64-bit required apps and games such as Fortnite. This Emulator in is Chinese language but it seems that you are able to change the android system language to English. To change the language, usually you will have to go to settings. You are able to try to open the emulator and search the settings for changing language.

If you find any difficulties in using this TianTian emulator, you are able to some video tutorial about using this emulator on Youtube. One of the videos that you are able to watch is a video of kilObit entitled Android 64-Bit Emulator For Windows PC (64-Bit Android Supported Emulator) which was uploaded on October 30th, 2018.

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