How to Complete “Use Keep It Mello at a Trucker’s Oasis Ice Cream Parlor and Frozen Lake”

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Separate from the weekly challenges in Fortnite is Fortnite Marshmello challenges. If you are able to complete the challenges, so you will be able to get a nice Fortnite Keep it Mello emote, Marshmello Spray and Marshy Smasher Pickaxe. Please read this entire article to know how to complete the Fortnite Keep it Mello challenge.

Apparently, there are three stages to the Fortnite Keep it Mello challenge. For while, you could not access or complete the challenge. But, now it has gone live, alongside the second challenge: Visit the Showtime venue. You have to know that completing that challenge awards you with the Keep it Mello emote that you require in order to finish the Keep it Mello challenge.

As we said before that completing the three stages of the Fortnite Keep it Mello challenge, it is going to give you reward the Marshy Smasher Pickaxe, so you have to finish it. Fortunately, the challenge is enough easy to complete thanks to the close enough proximity of two of the locations. You will not be able to use the emote at a location and quit. You have to finish a game before using the Keep it Mello emote at a location that will count towards your total.

When you have already unlocked the Keep it Mello emote, all you need to do for completing the challenge is you have to use it in three locations (that can be seen highlighted in the map, red for Trucker’s Oasis, blue for Ice Cream Parlor, and green for the Frozen Lake). While you are able to likely complete the challenge in any order, it is better to be safe than sorry and begin with the Trucker’s Oasis. To find the Trucker’s Oasis, simply you are able to head down into the bottom-left of the desert biome of the Fortnite map that has just been covered in snow. Then, you are going to see a big sign with “TRUCK ‘N’ Oasis” emblazoned on the front. Please use the Keep it Mello emote anywhere within the and stage one of three is complete.

Afterwards, you are going to likely be able to complete two out of three stages in only one game of Fortnite if you use the Keep it Mello emote at the Trucker’s Oasis and then at the Ice Cream Parlor. Apparently, they are not too far apart from each other. If you survive long enough, so you are going to get both easily. You are going to find the Ice Cream Parlor in the desert section of the Fortnite map. It is nearby to the race track to the southeast of Retail Row north of Paradise Palms. The Frozen Lake is the easiest to locate of the three. Just go to the north of Polar Peak, then you are going to find the huge Frozen Lake. Simply, you are able to drop around there and use the Keep it Mello emote. You have to remember that there will be plenty of other players around all of these locations. You are going to have to remain on your toes.

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