How to Completing the Shelter from the Storm Achievement on Fortnite

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Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite game have revealed the game’s full list of Achievements/Trophies. In this case, Fortnite will have 46 achievements/trophies in total. Then, most of the achievement can be obtained by completing the game’s missions and also Fortnite challenges. Some of the achievements and the trophies are also tied to loot chests and crafting items.

However, the Fortnite Achievement is such a fun way that the players can do to get any points. Of course, each achievement offers certain points which will be different from. To take Fortnite achievement, it is surely better for you to know each achievement that you will complete. Then, you can determine which one achievement that you need to complete first.

Well, if you already complete the Fortnite achievement, you may not wonder anymore with an achievement named Shelter from the Storm Achievement. This is one of Fortnite’s achievements from Bronze categories. As we know that there are four categories of Fortnite achievement, they are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

How to Completing the Shelter from Storm Achievement on Fortnite

If you are one of Fortnite players who really want to complete the Shelter from Storm, of course, it is not totally wrong for you. However, to complete this achievement, you will have a chance to get 10 points.

The goal of this achievement is to complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1. It means that you really need to know how to complete the Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1 first.

To complete the Shelter from Storm Achievement, the main thing that you have to recognize is the weapon that you will be using. The recommended Fortnite weapon that you can use is the Assault Rifle. Then, you should pay attention to enemies’ attacks that probably will hit you suddenly. The focus of this achievement is totally needed for you.

Well, if you do not know yet the tutorial in detail of how to complete the Shelter from the Storm Achievement, of course, you can also get any guides on some sites which provide the ways.

One of the sites is that provides all of Fortnite achievements that you can complete. But, this site just provides for Xbox One users. It means that you cannot get the guide and complete the achievement through this site, if you are not an Xbox One user.

By following our steps below, you totally can get the tutorial for detail, here are they:

  • First, you have to go to the provider site at
  • Then, you need to sign in by using your Xbox One Live account.
  • After that, look for Fortnite achievement. You definitely can see the list of Fortnite achievements.
  • Choose  the Shelter from Storm Achievement in Fortnite.
  • Finally, you will have a chance to get the guide of how to complete the Shelter from the Storm achievement in Fortnite.

Congratulations!!! You totally can play and complete the Shelter from the Storm achievement in Fortnite easily.

If you feel that our article does not satisfy you, please do not hesitate to look for another source that will inform you in detail. Good Luck!!!

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