How to Connect Houseparty to Fortnite

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You may already know that Epic Games finally acquired the Houseparty app to Fortnite. Unfortunately, this feature is yet available as the “F” logo does not appear in the Houseparty app. However, the “F” logo can be a sign when the Houseparty can be connected to Fortnite.

Even though this feature is currently yet available but knowing how to connect the Houseparty to Fortnite is a must. That’s because when the feature is available, you will not be confused anymore to connect it to Fortnite. Well, are you looking for how to connect the Houseparty to Fortnite? If so, let’s find the guide below!

How to Connect Houseparty App to Fortnite

How to Connect Houseparty to Fortnite

The way to connect the houseparty app to Fortnite is quite simple to do. Make sure that you already know how to video-chat in the Houseparty. Now, you want to connect the Houseparty app to Fortnite, what should you do?

At least there are some steps that you should follow to connect the Houseparty app to Fortnite if it’s already available. Here they are:

First of all, you need to download the Houseparty app on your device. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS.

Once you have downloaded the Houseparty app, you can continue to install them on your device. Of course, to install any apps on smartphones is actually the same. If you do not know how to install it, you can browse to find the guide on how to install the Houseparty on your smartphone.

After you have installed the Houseparty app on your smartphone, now you can open the Fortnite game app on your device. Once you open the Fortnite, you can see the notification pops up. Here, you need to login, usually doing for Fortnite.

Once you are at Fortnite app, it’s time for you to connect the Houseparty to Fortnite by using your Epic account that you usually use to play Fortnite. The way is to click on an icon located in the top menu row. This icon resembles a “TV” with a touch of the letter “F” in the middle.

After the Houseparty app has been successfully connected to Fortnite, you can invite your friends or Fortnite players who have also connected their Houseparty and Epic accounts or you can also join them like you normally do in the Houseparty app.

The next step that you should do is to launch Fortnite on your PC to start playing Fortnitee while voice-chatting with your friends.

The last, you actually can talk to your friends on a video-chat screen while playing Fortnite.

Well, they can join the Houseparty virtual room and start video conversations. Later, the video chat which is displayed on the Houseparty app will also be seen in the Fortnite game, to be precise in the row of video chat windows to the left of the game display.

What Does the Voice-Chat Screen Look Like?

You may also wonder how the screen looks like while playing Fortnite and voice-chatting. Of course, in the Houseparty app, the screen will show a cropped tight on the player’s face and the virtual background is added, a la Zoom. While in Fortnite, your cropped tight face will be shown on the left side of the Fortnite screen in a sequentially down.

Epic Games says the video chat will be cut so that it will highlight and focus only on the player’s face. In addition, players will also get a Fortnite-themed background, where only the player’s face is shown.

Is the Voice-Chat Feature in Fortnite Safe?

As the Fortnite game for all-ages, of course there are some additional safety features displayed on the board including the capability for the parents to toggle off the feature in Fortnite’s settings.

In this case, Epic Games also gives the parents control within this feature through the game settings. So, the parent can control your kids while playing games and video-chatting. Well, since the Houseparty app is available for people 13 and over, the feature of this video-chat also applies the same rules.

That means only the player’s Houseparty friends can join the video chat and only people in the room can see the player’s video.

Everything You Should Know for the Houseparty App

Even though you’re looking for the way to connect the Houseparty app to Fortnite, it’s not enough if you do not recognize the Houseparty app. We guess that not all Fortnite players are really enthusiastic with video-chat apps and it’s normal if they don’t understand everything related to the app.

But if Fortnite finally has the video-chat feature within the app, we guarantee that they finally will download, install and finally connect it to Fortnite though they don’t know yet how it works. Well, we’re here giving you everything that you should know for the Houseparty app. Let’s check it below!

Epic Games recently announced that Fortnite now supports integration with Houseparty, allowing players to video chat (video chat) with other players directly in the game. Well, starting today, you can connect with your friends at Fortnite in a way like never before.

Why did Epic Games acquire the Houseparty app? Epic Games currently serves the video-chat app on the game to help more people connect with their family and friends. Aside from that, Epic Games are really aware that the Fortnite is one of the most social games. Then,  they continually think that many fans around the world will be excited in the social video app. Well, why not Epic Games provides all-in-one  the video-chat app in the Fortnite app.

The Houseparty app here is one of social video platforms which allows the multiple users to video-chat with each other. This app actually brings the people together to create positive social interactions.

Through the Houseparty app, you can really enjoy the latest in-game events or catch up with Victory Royale, new integration with the Houseparty app brings video chat technology so you can video chat with friends while playing Fortnite.

Unfortunately, this feature is only now available in PC, PS4 and PS5 and there is no news yet for the Xbox Series X | S. Availability on other platforms, if possible, will be announced at a later date.

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