How to Craft Weapons Using Schematics

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After you recognize the materials that you will need to craft the weapon, traps and other items, it is not enough if you do not try to craft it. However, crafting the weapon is totally important for you. By crafting, you will have a skill in making the weapon, traps and items as you really desire. Then, how to craft weapon using Schematics?

As you play Fortnite in mission, your weapon will go down and break anytime. Sure, there is no a way to repair your broken weapon at all. So, the alternative is to make the new ones instead. The weapon that you will make can be found through the exploration, but most of them come from Schematics. Then, in this chance, we will focus on how to craft the weapon using Schematics.

Before we go on crafting the weapon, it is better for you to know the Schematics first. You probably do not understand what the Schematic is. For more detail, the Schematics are the weapon and trap design that you can find with hidden along the world of Fortnite. The Schematics are also known as the recipes in crafting the weapon and traps from materials.

Certainly, the Schematics can be found in Treasure Chests along the world and can be earned as a Loot Llama reward from the Homebase menu. Once, you have a Schematic for a weapon that you want to craft, then, you have to check the crafting ingredients to craft the weapon. The needed ingredient will be found under the Crafting tab of the Schematic you have choosen in your inventory.

Then, how to craft the weapon using the Schematics?

  • The first thing, you must be in a mission to craft a new item on Fortnite, not only on the main Homebase menu.
  • Then, if the time comes to craft a new weapon, of course, you are allowed to open your inventory during a mission.
  • After that, choose the weapon that you want to craft under Schematics. On the left, you will see the ingredients that you need to craft the weapon.
  • Then, click the Craft button at the bottom of the display or you can press “C” on your keyboard to craft the weapon, traps and also ammunition.
  • Shortly after, the item will be added to your inventory. Then, you can equip it from there.

Besides, because of the inventory space is totally limited, of course, you also need to recycle Schematics to keep your items. If you get the higher level on Schematics, actually you are able to recycle the older Schematics to free up your inventory space and earn back to the additional Schematic XP.

Then, to recycle unwanted Schematics, you can open the Schematics inventory and choose Recycle. In this section, you can mark the weapon Schematics to recycle. After that, choose Confirm Recycle. Need to know that some Schematic will allow you to unlock a certain Skill Node first before you want to recycle the unwanted Schematics.

Well, you already understand on how to craft the weapon using the Schematics on Fortnite. So, what are you waiting for?

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