How to Create (Make) a Fortnite Thumbnail

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A video thumbnail has the same function as the poster of the movie or the jacket of the book, capturing attention and persuading people that clicking the Play button is worth their time. After investing the time to create your Fortnite video on Youtube, spending a few more minutes adding a professional quality thumbnail can have a specific impact on the growth of your audience.

How to create or make a Fortnite thumbnail? Making a Fortnite video thumbnail for Youtube is easy with Spark from Adobe. With it, you do not need an idea in place before starting the design process. Even if you do not know exactly how you want the perfect thumbnail to look, you will find unlimited creative possibilities when you browse the Adobe Spark Inspiration Gallery. You are able to choose a general topic category that matches your video and see what other designs have created. Another option that you can choose is to embark on the step by step design pathway and see where each successive choice takes you.

With the tool named Adobe Spark, the creation process allows for effortless erasing and new attempts, so you will never have to feel anxious about whether you have made the ideal choice. Instead, the creativity is totally freed from worry about the finished product.

How to create or make thumbnail for your Fortnite video? First, pick the best size and shape. Adobe Spark will take care of making your project in the needed thumbnail size. All that you have to do is to simply click on the template named Youtube Thumbnail, and the tool automatically supply you with a design field in the precise shape and Youtube thumbnail dimensions you need. Second, decide on your theme. The word theme in the tool refers to the relationship between words and image, as well as the color palette and overall feel of the post. The free thumbnail creator of Spark provides you with the sidebar with the range of very different examples of themes, as well as sliders you are able to use to shape your own design. Third, choose an image. For the thumbnail background, you may select your own images from the video that is bright and clear, with the close up subject. The tool makes it easy to upload photos from the device or from the Google Photo, Creative Cloud or Dropbox account. Fourth, add eye-catching typography. You are able to choose from dozens of styles and fonts for the video thumbnail. The thing called typography communicates the essence of the video as powerfully as the words themselves, and the tool offers a broad set of lettering choices. Fifth, download and share the thumbnail. Once completing the thumbnail design, you are able to download it or simply use the unique link that Spark provides. With the link, you are able to post the thumbnail on the Youtube video or share it with friends through email or social media.

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