How to Deliver Fish to Shadow Fortnite

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The players of Fortnite are trucking on across the season now, and if you have been able to work your way through most of the challenges posed by the third, henchcat Agent then your last mssion is to deliver fish to shadow or ghost in Fortnite.

In order to unlock this task, you will have to be at least 60 levels into the Battle Pass and have cleared a minimum of 18 Fortnite Mewscles’s Mischief challenges, after that you will be briefed on your last mission which is described as follows. The first one is to deliver fish to shadow (10) and the second one is top deliver fish to ghost (10).

The final mission of Meowscle is able to be taken on in any game mode using whatever character skin you select, so do not listen to anyone who says you have to be Meowscles to make those deliveries because you do not. You will have to gather up as many fish as possible ready for delivery, so as always in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is easiest to do this in Team Rumble as you are less likely to be interrupted by enemies, and you will not lose your haul if you get eliminated as you would in other Fortnite modes. If you are ready to deliver fish to shadow or ghost in Fortnite, then follow the guide in this page to complete the final mission of Meowscles.

How to catch fish in Fortnite? You will have to get hold of ten fish to deliver you selected faction, and if you did not know already there are a few ways to acquire them. You are able to catch them at fishing spots or the white circles that show up on water with a fishing rod, a harpoon, or even an explosive weapon. Away from the fishing spots, if you cast a fishing rod into any water until you get a bite it seems like you will catch some small fry. Aside from that, you are also able to get fish from FOrtnite ice boxes, if you see any of them around.

Then, how to deliver fish to shadows (or ghost) in Fortnite? If you want to deliver fish to shadow (or ghost) in Fortnite, you have to post them into the faction dropboxes that are located in most named locations.

First of all, you need to approach the dropboxes for the faction you are supporting and you will see a prompt to give any fish you are currently carrying to either shadow or ghost as appropriate. Then, you have to deliver ten fish in total, that is able to be done is several deliveries over multiple matches as required. In case you have a change of heart before you drop of all ten catches, you are able to switch factions from the Meowscles section of the Agents menu then continue delivering items to your new friends. Once you have delivered all the fish, you will unlock either the MEwscles shadow style or ghost style for your agent.

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