How to Draw Fortnite Marshmallow

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Do you love a musician named Marshmallow and want to ti draw him from Fortnite? Everything is easy. Here is step by step Fortnite drawing tutorial that you can follow if you want to draw Mashmallow.

What should you prepare to draw Marshmallow? All that you need to prepare is a pen, a pencil, or a marker, and a sheet of paper. Aside from that, you may also want to shade your finished drawing so please prepare everything.

  1. Draw two vertical lines as guides for the sides of the head of Marshmallow. Please tilt the lines to the right slightly so that the head is also titled.
  2. Draw the horizontal line at the top and bottom of the head of Marshmallow in order to create a square. You can notice how the lines slope so that the whole square tilts to the right.
  3. Inside the square, you need to draw two intersecting lines as construction guides. All the lines will help you to place the face of Marshmallow later. Basically, the resulting shape should be similar to a window.
  4. Slightly above the horizontal construction line, you need to draw two m-shaped lines for the top portions of the eyes of Marshmallow. Please place the eyes on the side of the vertical construction guide. The lines look like the top of a heart.
  5. Add the bottom portion of the eyes of Marshmallow by drawing two big w-shaped lines. You can use the construction lines as guides to help you determine how love to place all the lines.
  6. Draw a long, curved, horizontal line for the top part of the mouth of Fortnite character in the area between the eyes and the bottom of the square. Do not forget to pay attention to how the mouth or Marshmallow slopes to the right to follow the lower edge of the initial square.
  7. Add the second line at the bottom for the rest of the mouth of Marhsmallow. The line should almost touch the lower edge of the initial square.
  8. Please make the top and the bottom of the initial square darker but make the lines curvier. You need to follow the slopes of the guides to make the head of Marshmallow tilt.
  9. Make the lines of the sides darker to finish the shape of the head of Marshmallow. At the top, please draw another curved line for the front of the head of Fortnite character.
  10. For a more finished look for your Fortnite character, you need to carefully head to the final sketch lines with a pen or marker.
  11. After inking Marshmallow from Fortnite, the next step that should be done is to get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser.
  12. The final step is to color the Marshmallow drawing with color pencils, markers or crayons. Please use black for the eyes and mouth and add a bit of gray at the top and sides to create some shadows and highlights.

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