How to Draw Lil Whip Fortnite Skin

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In Fortnite, you may want to try drawing a skin with a beautiful look. Basically, without having a drawing skin, you totally will be hard to draw the Fortnite skin or any objects. It means that you should have a basic drawing skill if you want to get the best drawing result.

But, now, you do not have to power the drawing skill to get the best result. In this case, at least, you just must have to prepare any materials and your strong intention to draw. Of course, by preparing any materials to draw any objects, we guess that you will be easier to draw the object, especially a Fortnite skin.

Nowadays, there are tons of tutorial videos that will help you to draw the Fortnite skin easily. So, having a drawing skill is not required to draw Fortnite skin. Then, what is the Fortnite skin that you want to draw?

You may be interested in drawing a Fortnite skin named Lil Whip. However, this skin is really worthy to buy because this skin has high ratings on any Fortnite skin trackers.

How to Draw Lil Whip Fortnite Skin

If you are so excited to draw the Lil Whip skin, of course, you can follow these instructions below!

The Materials you’ll need:

  • A paper
  • A Lil Whip picture
  • A pencil
  • Ink
  • Paint

Step-By-Step to draw Lil Whip skin

  • Step 1: Put a Blank Paper on Lil Whip Skin Picture

Put a Lil Whip skin picture, then, put down a blank paper on the Lil Whip picture. This way is really needed for a beginner who has no basic drawing skill. You can draw the picture by following line-by-line of the Lil Whip skin picture.

Make sure that you choose the blank paper with lower thickness to ease you in following the line of the Lil Whip skin picture. Please, keep your eyes to follow the line correctly.

  • Step 2: Follow Line-by-Line Lil Whip Skin Picture

The second step after you put the blank paper on the Lil Whip skin picture is to follow the line by using a pencil. Ensure to follow line-by-line in thin scratch to avoid any mistakes.

In this step, you can start to draw the head of Lil Whip, then, continue to draw hands and the body. Finally, you can finish drawing the legs of Lil Whip skin. Well, you are done in drawing Lil Whip skin.

  • Step 3: Start to Thicken the Line

After you follow line-by-line, it is time for you to thicken the line by using ink. In this step, you have to be careful because if you turn away, it is going out of the line.

  • Step 4: Start to Paint the Pictures

After you thicken the line by using ink, you totally can paint the pictures using the color as Lil Whip is presented. You can imitate the color the same as the real Lil Whip pictures.

That’s it! You are successful in drawing the Lil Whip skin picture.

But, if you feel not enough to follow our steps above, you definitely can follow any video tutorials that we will list below!

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