How to Draw Raven From Fortnite Step by Step

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Do you want to draw a character from Fortnite called Raven? Here is step by step to draw this character. You can start off with a pencil sketch, in the beginning stages, do not press down to hard. As for the sketching, use light, smooth strokes.

First, draw a small circle near the top of the page as a guide for the head of the Raven. You can sketch lightly at first so that it is easy to erase if you make a mistake. In case you are struggling to draw the circle, you can use a coin, a lid or any other object with a circular edge. Then, draw a small U shaped arc under the head as a guide for the jaw and chin of this character.

Second, inside the head, you need to draw two intersecting lines as guides to help you place the facial features of Raven later. Then, draw two short lines as guides for the neck. They are under the head.

Third, draw a big oval under the head as a guide for the chest. First of all, make four small marks in order to indicate the height and the width of the oval. Then, you can connect the marks using curved lines. Remember to pay close attention to the size of the chest of Raven in relation to the head. Do not make the oval too big.

Fourth, draw two vertical lines under the oval, one on every side, as guides for the midsection for Raven. Then, connect the lines at the bottom using a horizontal line to complete the guide for the midsection of Raven.

Fifth, draw two short lines on either side as a guide for lower torso of Raven. After that, finish the guide by drawing a V shaped line at the bottom.

Sixth, on th top, right side of the torso, you need to draw a circle as a guide for the shoulder. Under the circle, please draw a U shaped line as a guide for the bicep portion of the arm of Raven.

Seventh, under the bicep, you need to draw an oval like shape as a guide for the forearm of Raven. Then, draw a cylinder like shape under that as a guide for the wrist. At the bottom, do not forget to draw a small circle as guide for the fist of Raven.

Eighth, on the left side, you have to draw a tilted U shaped line as a guide for the other bicep of Raven. Under that, draw two lines that curve to the top, left as guides for the forearm and wrist. At the tip, please draw a circle as a guide for the hand. This one will not be a fist, so make the circle small.

For full guide to draw Raven, please visit a site named Easy Drawing Tutorials. Aside from the written guide, you will also able to find a video tutorial so you can draw the character easily

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